Huel not containing the most bioavailable vitaminerals


I love Huel a lot, but two things I am not happy with (one being no keto-Huel and I won’t mention it further here) the second reason being many vitamins/minerals being in forms that are not optimal/most bioavailable. I believe @JamesCollier knows which are and which ones arent. D3 being better than D2, so in this case Huel got it right, but for example B12 being in the less bioavailable form instead of Methyl~ form (also the one Huel uses has been found to cause acne in some people)

So my question is simply why Huel uses inferior forms of some vitamins, and my feedback is to change this to ensure users absorb the nutrients as effectively as possible.

I’m sorry about my (lack of) English

At one point Huel was made with methylcobalamin B12. However, according to their research data on the efficiency of its absorption meant that it might not supply enough of the vitamin so they switched back to cyanocobalamin which has been shown to be more highly bioavailable.

From a personal POV, I use a sublingual B12 (methyl) B12 spray most days.

Hi @Squizzle - thanks for the feedback.

Remember, keto ‘versions’ are not products: keto is a lifestyle.

We covered the reasons for our choices of the vitamins and minerals in our article here - we absolutely have the best forms for our product. I disagree with you on your criticism of the B12 choice because:

  1. although there is some evidence to suggest high bioavailability of methylcobalamin, it isn’t stable in food products over shelf-life, so wouldn’t work.
  2. methylcobalamin isn’t actually licenced for use in food fortification in the EU…

Also, you say ‘some vitamins’, but you only actually comment on B12 - which other choices concern you?

Hi @JamesCollier and thank you for getting back to me.

Actually as it turns out, this came down to poor phrasing on my end. My doubt was in regards to the B12 but I feel happy with your response and explanation. Besides, I feel great on Huel so that speaks for itself too. :smile: