Concerns about aluminium lining of packaging

I’m enjoying Huel so far [apart from the sweetener, which gives that awful ‘empty’ taste - is a small amount of finely-powdered coconut sugar not a viable replacement?] but am concerned about the foil lining of the Huel packaging.

Beyond what people have already said about recyclable packaging, there’s been considerable research into the dangers of aluminium build-up in the body and I wouldn’t be happy to use Huel in the long term if changes weren’t made to the packaging.

Is this something on your radar and are you looking at alternatives?

Some references:

Don’t worry Jay!

The first study is unpublished and the second one concluded: “aluminium foil may be used for packing but not for cooking.”

Here’s a really good review on the topic:

Don’t cook with aluminium foil especially with acidic foods such as tomatoes. Don’t forget that aluminum is also naturally occurring in many unprocessed foods and the key to toxicity is dose.

There is no concern with the aluminium used in the Huel pouches.


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