Going Zero Waste - what to do with packaging?

My girlfriend and I want to strive to a zero waste lifestyle.
I do absolutely love Huel and want to continue.
Yet I have no idea right now what to do with used packaging.
Will it be possible in a close future that we could send them back to the Huel company for reconditioning?
I’d love that!
What other ideas may you have?

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I think having local recycling centers handle it makes more sense. Otherwise you’d need to add more packaging just to resend it.

Recycling is the very last resort of a zero waste lifestyle as it consume a lot of energy and is not 100% efficient.
I wouldn’t mind waiting to collect a bunch of empty packages before sending them back.

Make a Huel handbag for her indoors.

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Currently the packaging industry doesn’t have an ideal solution, but they are working on stuff. The best available currently (and it would only contain ~2 days of Huel) are oxo-biodegradable bags, which fully biodegrade within 6 months assuming access to oxygen and microbes, such as those found in soil. However, due to the size limitations, it is unlikely Huel will pick this up. I’d imagine, as and when better packaging options become available, they will be utilised.

I appreciate this is somewhat unhelpful but Huel also acknowledge packaging as a problem in their FAQ (link kinda broken: you’ll have to open the “Are the pouches recyclable?” question near the end of the first section yourself I’m afraid); the best they can say is that Huel is likely to be a lot less wasteful than many alternative diets in a western economy.

They also took a photograph of 96 years’ supply of Huel packaging on Instagram: