Dizziness and depression


I’m extremely sceptical sucralose is responsible. It’s been subjected to a vast, vast amount of research to assess its safety and nothing to do with depression has come up as a side effect.

Though if I had to speculate, I’d say it’s something related to how your brain reacts to sweetness. How much sugar was in your previous diet? Sugar releases a large amount of endorphins when consumed, and these make you feel good. Going from a high-sugar diet to a low-sugar one (like Huel) would mean a lower rate of endorphins being released, which could manifest as lower mood or depressive symptoms. Additionally, it’s possible your brain associates sweetness with the endorphin release, and therefore downregulates its own production of these endorphins to account for those in your diet - this is actually similar to how heroin addiction works, though obviously a lot milder. As you’re then producing less of your own endorphins due to the taste of sweetness, but not getting having any released from the sucralose the same way sugar does, this could also be furthering your depression. If I’m right on that, it would start to improve after about a week.

All speculation of course, but something to think on.


… If 230ml of Coke Zero is awful to you I think you have bigger problems than sweeteners…


Is that president trump? He makes me depressed; or do you mean precedent…or something else entirely?


10ml of diet coke is awful IMHO.


I’m not going to get too drawn into the “argument” as I have no scientific evidence or information to provide, but what I will say is that depression and other mental health challenges affect everyone differently. Until you have experienced it yourself and learnt how it affects you, you can’t understand it. Even when you have experienced it, that doesn’t mean you understand how it affects someone else.
Maybe the sweetener is to blame, maybe it isn’t, but it’s only natural that people will look for reasons for their feelings spiralling; the total feeling of loss of any kind of control over your thoughts and feelings is terrifying and not knowing why it happens is just as bad. Trying to look for patterns in mood spikes is helpful and if there’s something that triggers it (for a scientific reason or not, maybe it’s purely psychological- for me it could be associated with my perceived “need” to diet) helps you take back just a tiny ounce of control.

I really hope that everyone here can continue to be as supportive of people with every kind of struggle as they have been on other threads. It’s a great forum and everyone should be able to feel like they can share their thoughts. I personally felt an overwhelming flood of relief when the post appeared about depression: it wasn’t just me, I wasn’t crazy, there was someone else out there who was having the same experiences as me, and just knowing that made me feel a hundred times calmer. Please accept everyone’s struggles as individual and not something that should be mocked or ridiculed. By all means provide the counter argument as this too is really helpful. I will finish by saying that I’ve had only unsweetened Huel this week and I haven’t dissolved into a fiery mess. It might all be psychological and nothing to do with a Huel at all but I don’t care. I made a change that helped me, and I can continue to enjoy the other lovely benefits that Huel has brought me so far. Happy Hueling everyone x


I also suffer from depression and anxiety. I have never liked the taste of the Vanilla Huel, I almost think that my body likes to tell me when something doesn’t agree as generally the foods i’ve been tested for being intolerant to i’ve never liked/wanted to eat. Anyway that’s a bit unrelated… but I have only been drinking the unsweetened and unflavoured and i have had no side effects at all. One week or so in of replacing breakfast and lunch and i feel fantastic :smiley: . Hope you feel better soon!


Hey, I agree with you many of the drinks make you feel depressed, whereas some make us feel energetic and fresh. One of my friend suffered from depression and anxiety for a long time, he tried improving his diet included Huel and took some additional info from the voynace pure psychic reader. The proper diet and exercise can help to improve the mental health and overcome depression and anxiety.