Does Huel or Huel black have gluten or is it gluten free?

if it does have gluten, what contains the gluten?

big guide here that explains all

Thanks. Huel Black by default is Gluten free by default and I love Huel Black.


From the Huel site :+1:

Are Huel products gluten-free?

All Huel products, except Huel Black Edition, contain oats. Therefore, by default, Huel Black Edition is gluten-free and suitable for those who have a sensitivity to oats. Huel Ready-to-drink and Bar use gluten-free oats so are gluten-free. We offer gluten-free versions of Huel Powder v3.0 in all flavours which you can find here. All gluten-free Huel products contain less than 5ppm which is confirmed by batch testing.

Thanks mate. This is all good. So is it only oats that contain gluten in Huel products?

I don’t even think oats contain gluten do they maybe just sometimes a small amount can creep in in a similar way where it says ‘may contain traces of nuts’?

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