Environmental impact

Hi - I saw this question in the comments of a blog. It didn’t have an answer and I’d be interested to find out:

What is the environmental impact of your product?
How much waste is created by taking whole food items and engineering it down to the goop?

Any thoughts?


Hi @Ed_

This is a fair question. We’ll look into this to try to get some data.


I’m interested in this topic too.
There is a similar question on Soylent forum.

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Oh yes, I would be interested in any answers in this area. There are a number of aspects that might have a carbon or waste impact;

  • Unused food components (though sometimes these are used in other products)
  • Packaging, both at the consumer end and along the supply chain
  • Transport
    Possibly more factors, that I haven’t come up with?
    So its probably a complex question, but any information that is known would be great to have.

Totally irrelevant, but just noticed the Soylent forum is exactly the same build as the Huel forum. How bizarre. Who copied who ?

No one - it’s a common piece of forum software!

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Definitely no copying here - as @ibid says it’s a popular (and IMO, fantastic) forum software.

See here:


Yes as forums go it is nice & tidy, never seen it before !!

discourse is the much-needed evolution of forum software we’ve been waiting for something like 15 years (phpbb3 was released in 2000).

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Not anywhere near the amount of damage agriculture is doing to the planet, so just by replacing any animal products with huel you will be making a difference…all be it a small one but from tiny acorns mighty oak do grow!