Excessive Acne

I used Huel for about 10 weeks this summer and I found that unfortunately my skin began to get terrible breakouts. I had numerous painful zits appear on my face and neck, and it has only cleared up again since I stopped using Huel. I was very hopeful for the nutritional claims that I would be getting all of the vitamins and minerals I needed on a controlled-calorie diet, but unfortunately the skin breakouts have forced me to find another solution.

Hey there, I’ve also experienced breakouts when using the Vanilla-flavoured version! I have no idea why…
It seems to be a recurring issue that other people face as well.
I tried switching to the non-flavoured version and opted to use the flavoured pouches instead and my breakouts slowed down.
Could it possibly be there because of the sweetener from the Vanilla? (Since that’s the only difference I suppose, between the unflavoured and flavoured powders)
Using stevia as a sweetener option should be made available (not as a sweetener pouch but as a ready to go powder bag).

I can’t honestly see why the sweetener could cause this, any studies on Sucralose causing acne?

I’d be more inclined to assume it’s due to a sudden increase in protein, which can raise IGF1 slightly, that is linked to zits, I’d assume it will pass as the body gets used to the change of diet.