Huel vanilla - 2months in. Toilet issues. Spots. But, great results. Weight loss

Hi guys :slight_smile: so I’ve been using Huel for just over a month and had great results.

BUT…. I just want to chime in, to help those looking for answer. Maybe this can help?

The first 2 weeks I started on 2-3 shakes a day. And lost weight straight away. However, I wouldn’t really recommend starting on 3 shakes straight away, it’s a HUGE adjustment to your system, let’s just hope you’re near a toilet lol. I had to stop Huel and restart on 1-2 shakes a day, with a healthy lunch/dinner. Which 100% settled my stomach. No issues from then on.

If I’m honest, just 1 shake a day really makes a difference. But that’s just me :slight_smile:

It took me 2 weeks to completely fight away the cravings. Which is amazing. So Huel really works. Just stay strong.

One down side… i have the huges spots this week… I suffered badly from Acne as a teen into adulthood. So, if you are prone to spots, be cautious. I currently use Vanilla Black.

I’ve just purchased the Unflavoured to see if it doesn’t aggravate my skin. As I really don’t want to give up Huel, it’s a god send. But, the size of my spots will sadly put an end to it if Unflavoured creates the same results.

Will keep you updated. With my results.

I would still 100% recommend Huel. As every person is different. And will have different results.

Hey there, thanks for taking the time to share a bit about your experience. Sorry you found out the hard way not to go “all in” on Huel, we try to recommend one meal a day at first, but love the enthusiasm nonetheless :laughing: Great that it’s mostly settled down for you! The spots sound really frustrating, I’m sure there are some here who might be able to relate, but I’m not sure what could be causing that, any ideas @Dan_Huel?

Your spots could just be from your body detoxing from your old diet to the new

I agree detox could be a probable cause of acne, but also there has been some debate around Stevia and acne. Huel black contains Stevia so would be interesting to see if a swap helps it

Let’s be careful around using the detox here.

I get where you’re both coming from. Dietary changes can result in skin changes, the problem is working out exactly what it is.

It sounds like you’ve narrowed that down to Black Edition Vanilla @BikeBike07, but as Tim said it sounds like you’ve really dived into Huel too!

Keep us posted if anything changes and if UU makes a difference.

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