First three weeks ...quick read hopefully

Quick background … always struggled with weight until my early 40s when I took up triathlon , progressing to Ironman distance , not quick but finish them , this meant with training I could eat what I wanted including all the crap and still kept an even weight . This last 24 month’s I’ve had a lot of trouble with very dodgy bowel movements ( the trotts :dizzy_face:) doctor’s are still scratching their heads but at the moment they are thinking a dodgy pancreas as there’s to much fat in my stools , I’ve got a prescription to replace enzymes which I have to take after every meal and snack . Hate taking medication so thought let’s think properly about my diet …firstly looked at Herbalife and after an argument with my wife that it’s contains as much crap as I was already eating and it’s all a big pryrmid scheme I dropped the subject . Anyway the huel advertisement came up on my Facebook feed and I quietly read and read the website and different independent reviews and ordered my first shipment without the wife knowing , the plan was to have breakfast and lunch during the week and breakfast the weekend then eating normal healthy-ish dinners and the odd snack at night …
Week one …
Absolutely brilliant , liked the taste straight away , I’m use to drinking whay powered shakes and often blended foods to drink so the gloup didn’t worry me , started to notice a change in my bowel habits as well
Week two
Again , the bowel movements without sounding to gross became solid , I was actually pooing like a normal person again without the tablets , which I was telling the wife I was taking . At the weekend I told Jo I was taking huel and after explaining and showing her the main website she was cool …had a whole weekend with no Huel and ate a bit more normal rubbish and by Sunday night the stomach was churning .
Week three
Back on the Huel , the bowel movements are good ( normal persons) and I can even trump without the fear of following through :joy:.
As a good side note I’ve also been doing this to regulate what I’ve been eating during the day , before it was pot noodles , meal deals , crisps and chocolate and sometimes a greasyspoon
( I’m a builder after all ) 3-4 lbs weight loss so far but best thing is I don’t feel bloated
Whoops I said this would be a quick one …tricked ya


Congratulations on your poo. :joy:

Seriously, sounds like it’s working brilliantly, hopefully the doctors will be equally impressed when you get your next checkup!

Ew, I was having my breakfast. Is there a need for that kind of obscenity? I say no. Next time please be a little thoughtful towards others’ feelings & use appropriate language. I can fart. You can fart. We can all fart. Heck, follow through if it’s your thing, but please, can we put an end to trump?

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Appointment in a couple of weeks time

Lol , really? …thought following through was a lot more polite than I could of wrote …we all fart but some of us ( me ) had more trouble than some farting .
Come on … doing a " trump" is a polite word .maybe bottom burp next time

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I think I’m on board with @Michael_Rozdoba… I’ve dealt with plenty of sh*t in my time, but can’t deal with Trump! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Lol …okay okay okay :grinning: always thought a trump was a nice word to say instead of fart …we always use to tell our kids off for saying fart …bottom burp ?

Only since he became president :wink:

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Jeez , I’m slow this morning

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Need more fibre.

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There was a programme on BBC1 earlier this week…early evening…about training animals…there was a dog that went around eating poop like it was a chocolate selection box. I expect there were a lot of people eating their evening meal at the time who may have been put off; luckily I missed it as I was watching 2 girls one cup while eating my chocolate mousse.


Not allowed to play Top Trumps anymore !
(That’s a card game … not a farting challenge game !)

Or play the Trump-et !

Even elephants have been told off for making a Trump-etting sound !!



hahaha :joy:

Cut gluten out of your diet and try gluten free Huel. Digestive enzymes (vegan ones available), physsiullim husk powder (it’s horrible but works).

I had similar problems to yours. Worryingly for me my Dad passed away from pancreatic cancer and was celiac, I’m gluten intolerant.

I love the NHS but Doctors are useless with this side of things. I went private. You have to cut out beer (I was a big ale drinker), but gf beer is available and it tastes exactly the same, Old Speckled Hen for instance.


I’m using the gluten free variety just incase I was effected by it , always had it in the back of my mind , cut out bread apart from a very odd slice but there’s so much gluten in stuff …ill have a proper look at your recommendation later … thank you :+1::grinning:

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Cool man, let me know how you get on. I was told to drink water with a slice of lemon in, and the other things I mentioned, and a really good multivitamin, but Huel kinda negates rhe need for vitamins