Will this benefit me enough to warrant the price?

Hi all, first post here.
First up a bit about me.
I’m 25, male, 5ft 11 and weigh 11stone.
I work a lot, and never find time(I have the time, but I always find other things to use it).

Atm my diet is rubbish, and I’m seeing that manifest itself in my body, and motivation. I’ve developed a tubby stomach, although I’d not say I’m fat. I lack the motivation to get on and do things, and that includes making food.
I’m normally eating snack food. Quick, easy to grab meals and snacks. I eat whatever the staff canteen serves up, I have 3-4 chocolate bars a day at work for energy (I know counter productive, but it gets me over that 10 minute lul untill I can get something else).
I hardly eat breakfast, and I often get home late and don’t have a main meal. I’m then hungry and snack on biscuits, more chocolate and the like.
Fruit and veg are nearly non-existant in my diet.
I also do not drink enough fluids.
Spoiler under neath here, with a bit more grim details.

my bowel movements have been getting worse along with my diet, I’ve developed loads of spots all over my legs and arms, my breath stinks no matter how I brush and I sweat loads with very little exertion.

It’s not that I dislike healthy foods, but more being bothered to make them…

I’m wondering how much of an effect Huel will have on me. I’m liking the idea of powder, shake and done, ready to go in the morning.
Anyone else had motivation to eat problems? How did Huel help with that?
Regarding the other issues, any experiences?

Hi mate,
There’s at least a couple of us here in a similar boat.
Similar age/weight/height.

I have a sweet tooth and my diet has been very hit and miss to say the least.

I’ve been on a Huel-only plan for a few days now and it’s definitely benefited me.

You need to completely revamp your diet, the sugar, snacks and canteen gear can’t be doing you any good.
Finding the time to select, prep, cook and store healthy meals is a time-killer and personally I would rather have these shakes.

Try Huel for a week as Breakfast, snacks and lunch, get home and see what you feel like for dinner. Be strict, don’t skip breakfast at all, and no extra sugars.

I can promise you that the hardest part of the above will be cutting out all the sugar, it’ll be painful (from experience) but you’ll look and feel so much better for it. Sugar’s horrible, mentally and physically.

Make a daily diary entry on here so it’ll make you more likely to stick to a 7 day plan.


I’ve been using it for two weeks now. I normally have 1 for lunch and 1 for breakfast and try to eat a healthy tea in the evening.

I’ve Lost about a kg and I do feel much better in my self. I too was not a fan of healthy food and didn’t have the best diet.

So my £45 purchase will probably last me 3 wk.

It’s very filling and I can honestly say that I’ve not felt like snacking during the day.

Hi Welwynd - welcome

Huel will certainly be a huge improvement.

However, although that rubbish diet will certainly not help bowel movements, it shouldn’t be linked to the issues on your arms and legs and with your breath. I would raise these with your doctor.

If Huel does help these as well, then you may have been having some sort of food intolerance reaction.

I’m very tempted to try it, start with a weeks worth but use it for breakfast and evening meal, and take a shaker full for work snacks. Then rather than grabbing a bar of chocolate I can take a bit of Huel. Carry on with eating from the canteen as a main meal during the day (Often pastabakes, lasagna that sort of thing).

I did go to the docs regarding legs and arms, aparently it’s due to too much sugar in my diet and saturated fats.

That you are noticing these problems at 25 due to bad fats and sugars in your diet and are considering Huel and posting in these forums shows that you know you need to make a change. As it’s such a big change, especially losing the sugar, your body might make you feel worse before it feels better, but remember that you will feel better once the sugar has less of a hold over you.

If you work out what you’re spending on snacks through the week, you will see that Huel is not so expensive after all. It’s just a total figure up front, rather than a pound or two here and there all the time.

It will have the added benefit of increasing your water intake too. Over a litre with the two Huel shakers and if you can sip some more too, that will help with cleansing from within.

Good luck,

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Well, I’ve taken the plunge and ordered my first week of Huel. (Side question, next day delivery, it’s before 2pm on friday, does that mean it’ll be here saturday or monday?)

I’m going to be giving as much feedback as I can through the next week or so.
Going to go 3 shakes a day and a solid food main meal middle of the day.

Yeah snacks, I’m probably spending 3-4 quid a day on junk. That’s half of Huel paid for right away!

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I’m on my 4th week on Huel, first week I just had it for breakfast, second week I split 2 meals worth into 3 portions, 1 for breakfast, one at work at 11 and then another at work at 3 o’clock. I have a nice hot coffee inbetween and a normal meal in the evenings. I did feel a bit ‘detox’ rough for a few days as I was a proper sugar addict but I feel so good now, more energy, better skin, weight loss etc. Find it strangely easy to stick to too…as for cost, my first order of ‘1 weeks worth’ has lasted 4 weeks.

Well done! I have a feeling that you’re going to see some nice improvements. :smile:

Just to give you a heads-up before you start - My initial experience with Huel and other similar products that I’d tried previously is that there’s always a bit of a settling in period for a couple of days until you get used to the new routine and then everything becomes normal.

To be honest, after very my first sip of Huel (which wasn’t particularly well mixed or chilled) I thought that I probably wouldn’t be buying any more, but after a day or two it started to taste delicious and I really look forward to every meal of it now. I think your taste-buds gradually become acclimatised to the new tastes, so give them a chance! Once your brain/body realises that it’s getting great nutrition you’ll see the rewards.

Looking forward to following your journey.

All of that is spot on Harry!

First day or two I was unsure due to the taste and texture.
Loving it now, although I should invest in a blender.

Right about the shake best served chilled too.

Really apreciate the advice guys / girls.

So first few days expect to feel a bit wierd and have it taste not that great, then once I’m used to it, detoxed from all the sugar it should be fine and plain sailing?

Yeah blender is on the list of things to get. We have a small cheap argos thing ( like £10 a year ago, was for making soups) but from a different thread, a better blender will make a difference.

Watch it with the cheap blenders. I had one of those and it broke within a few days. The one I have now probably cost about £50 and has lasted several years.