Fitness macro adjustments & Sucralose/Stevia


Loving Huel :smiley:

Just wondering if there are any plans to release macro-adjusted mixes in future designed for the fitness community? I currently can’t use it as optimum nutrition alongside my cutting and/or building programmes and use pretty standard macros for those. I would love to be able to! I’m sure this is a similar issue many are encountering… Unless anyone has any clever tips for adjustments to share?!

Also - Is there a reason why Sucralose is being used as opposed to Stevia? The amount of artificial sweetener I am consuming now feels a bit scary and I was under the impression it was as (arguably) dangerous as Aspartame…?

Hi Amy,

Great to hear you are loving Huel!

What sort of macro nutrient profile would you prefer? Currently at 40% Carbs, and 30% protein and fat, Huel is excellent for athletes. We have 37g of protein per 500kcal meal.

With sucralose, it certainly isn’t dangerous like aspartame. A lot of studies have been conducted on the long term effects of sucralose and there are no negative side effects. The best place for you to go to hear our position on this is to our Guide to Sucralose - To exceed the EU’s recommended intake of sucralose you would need to consume over 10000 kcal worth of Huel per day, almost 2.5kg of Huel!

We are currently experimenting with Stevia, however the problem is that sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar, therefore we have to use a very small amount, whereas stevia is only 300 times sweeter. Therefore we need to add twice as much to get the same flavour and this leaves a very bitter after taste. It is a work in progress to balance this.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for getting back Tim. That’s super helpful!

In terms of macros, I guess I am just thinking of people who cut, and myself when I am on that kind of cycle. It is difficult to use Huel due to the high carb content. Would you ever consider a higher protein and fat mix as an alternative? Maybe a 10:50:40 carb, protein, fat? For me personally, the Huel mix is still a little bit low on carbs when working with weights, but I guess that is quite easily fixed with an additional source. It’s obviously difficult to subtract the carbs from the mix though when you need it the other way round!

One of the major reasons I fall down with my fitness is due to the food prep combined with a busy lifestyle. Huel has been amazing and the answer I’ve been looking for so far, it’s just that one problem! Do you think you may consider a low carb option in future?