Fruit and veg

Can 1-2 huel drinks replace your 5 a day? Would you immune system still be at its best if you cut out fruit and veg and replaced it with huel?

The recommendation to consume 5 fruit and veg a day is to increase the vitamin and mineral intake of the population and ensure a spectrum of vitamins and minerals are consumed. The idea is that by consuming a variety of food you are less likely to miss out on certain nutrients, hence why 5 apples does not count as 5 fruit and veg.

For those that are consuming Huel 100%, they can be confident they are reaching the recommended levels for all vitamins and minerals. However as we don’t suggest this is the use-case and the vast majority don’t consume Huel 100% but would mix this up with a fairly varied diet anyway. This way, if there is some nutrient in fruit and veg scientists haven’t accounted for, you would still be fine.

Does that make sense? In short, fruit and veg portions don’t really apply to Huel!