Fruits and vegetables?

I drink 3x90g Huel Black daily, would this work as any sort of replacement for vegetables and fruits? Or should we still actively consume fruits and vegetables daily (or every other day)?


If you’re getting half your required calories from Huel I assume you should be ok for half of your normal fruit and veg requirements, but only half.

I’m on half & half and if my non-Huel food is junk I take a vitamin/mineral supplement to try to make up for it… would love to be (half) full of fresh organic fruits and vegetables everyday, but… doesn’t often work out that way.


Yes the 5 fruits and vegetables a day recommendation still stands. Variety and all the different phytonutrients are good for health.

Huel products aren’t a like-for-like substitution of eating fruits and vegetables. You could try adding some to your Huel and blending it.

Doesn’t have to be fresh and definitely doesn’t have to be organic. Dried, tinned or frozen are also great ways to get fruit and vegetables into your diet.

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No, doesn’t have to be fresh and organic, that’s just my preference in an ideal world. Any fruit and veg is better than none.

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