Get lean,clean and fit with huel!

Starting weight: 85kg
Length: 180 cm
Age: 29

Deadlift PB: 205 kg
10k run PB: 38.10 min

Goal: Look good, feel good, run fast, cycle fast and feel fit. Target weight 75 - 78 kg

I’ve always been strong and had a good condition. I found HUEL by chance and got stuck on it becuse it was such a clean and useful meal replacement and i seems so easay to fit it in to my daily life.

For those who know me, know that I can be extreme and go in for things to 110% and really dedicate myself to something I find interesting.

My plan is to be at 1600 - 2000 kcal only from HUEL execept one normal meal every week mixed with intermittent - fastning .
I have been on an almost in to strict HUEL BLACK diet since last Wednesday (family dinner yesterday as we have every Saturday). I have eaten 1600 kcal every day & trained about 1-3 hours every day mixed strength and stamina.

I had no plans to write about this until yesterday when I ran 21km on an avg pace 4.40 / km on an emtpy stomach and it felt magically easy. I was amazed that training could feel so good on so little kcal intake during the last days.

It feels realistic to keep this for 30 days with a “cheat meal” week. I will update once a day with reflections, thoughts, workouts I do and any setbacks.

Please feel free to follow me and share your own experiences when it comes to combining HUEL and an active lifestyle.

One pic from yesterdays 21k run



That’s very fast!

How long have you been running for?

Good luck!

I have been running on and off for several years… When I did my PB last summer I was 87 kg heavy…

Hi and welcome. Due to lockdown I’ve been doing a lot of running (not as fast as you) and cycling which I’m enjoying. I currently have a couple of black Huel meals per day and a normal meal with a few healthy snacks aiming at around the 2000 calorie mark.

I’m currently around 92kg and would like to be nearer the 80kg. I was looking at upping my Huel intake and combining with intermittent fasting to achieve this so I’m interested in your journey and experience so far.

Wow cool!


Well I will give you an update…
So I am on huel black and I am really hooked on it… specially the chocolate flavor… Witch one do u prefer?

I am trying to eat between 12.00 - 20.00
4 shakes.
So far it’s going well.

Yesterday I did one upper body workout at the gym, felt good.

I am from Sweden and we didn’t suffer lockdown like the rest of the world… So our fitness centers is open.

Today I just had my first shake after 17 hours without anything except water and coffee.

I ran to work 12.3k avg pace was 4.34 and it felt so good… My mind and my focus was on top and my energy levels was super high

I work as PE teacher a couple of days and I just finished work.

So far so good.

Tomorrow I will do a track session so it will be interesting to se how really high intense cardio will work.

Please ler me know how things are going for you ?:slight_smile:

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I use both black vanilla and chocolate and sometimes vanilla RTDs for convenience. Yesterday I started on intermittent fasting in the hope to bring my weight down from 95kg to 85kg. This was my weight last September when I was training lots before I ran the Berlin marathon so would like to get back to that. I’m 6’3 so I’m not vastly overweight but at 41 it all seems to all collect around the middle so want to lose this.
I will be eating between 11:00 and 19:00 eating 2000 calories per day. Sometimes at weekends I may eat a sensible dinner for a little variety but try to stick to the calories and fasting.

My day looks like this:
11:00 Twenny bar
13:00 Huel shake
15:00 Huel shake
17:00 Twenny bar
19:00 Huel shake
Also plenty of water

The reason I use Twenny bars is each one is nearly 400 calories so fits in well with the 8 hour window and I prefer not to just have shakes all day every day. I would love Huel to do a bigger bar for this purpose but I know I’m in the minority so unlikely to happen. I’m not a huge fan of the new ones either but I loved the old 3.0 so if these were still available I would have incorporated those for sure.
So far so good, feeling fine and not lacking in energy. Did 30k on my Peloton in 45 minutes this morning and felt strong in a fasted state so I’m enthusiastic about getting back down to my target weight.

i like your glasses bruv

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Just wondering how your progress was going?