Gluten intolerance?

Just curious if anyone familiar with gluten intolerance can shed some light on my condition. I regularly suffer from pretty severe headaches and brain-fog. Over many months I’ve come to recognize that these are very likely to occur the day after eating bread or wheat products. When I avoid bread, and eat mostly Huel (which contains some gluten I believe) I feel fine. I have very little intestinal or stomach discomfort, just these headaches. I also get a different, sharper headache after eating sugary stuff. So I feel really terrible after eating things like cake. :frowning: I took a simple gluten tolerance test which came up negative but I don’t know if they are reliable or not.

Anyone recognize anything in the above?

How much gluten is in the regular Huel, because as mentioned, I feel fine when consuming that. Is it pretty low?

Normal Huel has around 20 parts of gluten per million, so it is quite low! For something to qualify as ‘gluten free’, it has to be less than 5 parts per million. So it’s close, but not quite gluten free.

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If you were having a reaction to gluten you’d feel it in your guts. Just following what you said it suggests the intake of simple sugars or starches ( White bread / rice) precedes the headaches. Switch to some old style breads (Pharaoh, Spelt etc) and lay off the sugars. Also read up on the FODMAP diet. There are so many possible conditions so go have a doctor rule out all the blood sugar related ones.

You might have intolerance or Celiachia.
Celiachia can be tested in a lab, intolerance only through exclusion diet.
Gluten Free Huel, like any gluten free food, is good in your case.

It’s a serious condition that if badly treated can cause you severe case of sleepiness, cloudiness, fatigue, confusion, stomach aches and future depression, osteoporosi, cancer, death.

In case you’re intollerant, there is supposed to be a quntity of gluten your body can bare, In case you’re celiac, you MUST avoid any contamination, even a crump or dust from your friends pizza, or contact with a non gluten free lipstick or toothpaste, some ingredients in some diet sodas also, somehow, non gluten free spices are a killer also.

Be sure of what’s your condition as it’s a very serious thing.