Going Gluten Free with Huel?

tl;dr has anyone cut gluten out of their diet and notice benefits (but who does have celiac disease)?

I’m thinking I might be a bit sensitive to gluten or that cutting it out it’s something worth trying

I’m not medically gluten intolerant or anything like that, but maybe that it might be contributing to my low energy etc.

I eat a lot of bread and rice so would find it hard to cut out gluten with “whole food”.

But gluten free Huel could provide a way to do it relatively easily or easier.

I have one or two gluten free huels a day already.

But has anyone found going gluten free with (or without Huel) was benefitial?


Out of interest, why do you think you may be sensitive to gluten? Are you losing weight, very bloated after meals, stomach pains, fatigue, pale smelly poos etc…

That plus headaches, brain fog, general weariness, bad wind…

and has the 1-2 gluten free shakes lessened that any?

I am diagnosed as dairy intolerant, so have wiped out my symptoms by going dairy free, however I still get flare ups of eczema and bloating, and have wondered if going gluten free might help with those. I haven’t tested it yet.

With the dairy intolerance I cut it out completely and the symptoms were alleviated straight away. Maybe that’s the case with gluten also.

I have been tested for celiac disease and don’t have it. But I avoid breads and pasts as my digestive system can’t deal with them.

If I have too much bread (2-4 slices for 2/3 days in a row) I feel lethargic and sick.

If you think its affecting you just try cutting it out for a week or two and keep a diary of how you feel. Couldn’t hurt to try.


I do eat cheese and have milk most days so it could be diary? Plus a few diary protein shakes a week…

Having one or two huel a day hasn’t helped. I’m still eating bread and rice with the huel!

I guess going 100 percent is the only way to find out. But for how long should I wait to see results?

According to the GP, dairy is the first culprit, always try eliminating that first, then wheat, but you have to cut them one by one to know which it is. Luckily for me, dairy was the trigger so it was quite a quick realisation. I kept delving into dairy still, experimenting with how much I could take before my body rebelled, and so I could take a certain amount and I did that. When I crossed the line I knew about it.

When I went vegan and eliminated it, I was in a much better situation. I wish I had cut it totally before. It just wasn’t worth it.

My symptoms were IBS symptoms though, stomach cramps, diarrhoea, bloating, fatigue, eczema and migraines.

If you have a problem with dairy, from personal experience, I’d say you’d know pretty quickly if it was the cause as you will feel a lot better, or normal even. I suspect other intolerances would be a similar case once you trial elimination. And when I say elimination, I mean in everything. You’d be surprised how much of these things are in every day unsuspecting foods.

If you think you have an intolerance @5kg2go it’s best to work with your GP on this. If you eat bread and rice (particularly the wholemeal varieties) you are going to be getting a less b vitamins in your diet if you cut them out.

Thanks. Wouldn’t huel be a good replacement for bread and rice? Nutritionally speaking?

Yes Huel will provide the B vitamins you may miss out on from bread and rice because of the oats and flaxseed.

But it’s a question which doesn’t really have a right answer because it’s not the nutrition of them that will matter. What will matter is what dish you’re using them in and what you want to eat. If I’m making a stir fry I’d rather use rice than Huel and I’d rather spread jam on my toast than jam on Huel (however that might work)!

Rice does not contain gluten…
So doesn’t need to be cut out of the diet if you’re worried about gluten intolerance.
Prior to Huel, (brown basmati) rice was 50% of my diet :laughing::yum:

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That’s good to know!

So I can keep in the rice and gluten-free oats.

And the Oatly oat milk.

Don’t know how I missed this, thanks Christina!

Yeap :slight_smile: