Glad someone has topped up their food bowls. I blame @Dom_Huel he probably left with their stash as he took early retirement.

Please don’t do this to me on a Friday afternoon :sob:

Don’t be too upset @Charlotte_Huel The sun’s shining and the hammock is just beckoning. Life sounds perfect.

Maybe @JamesM_Huel should reconsider a round of crowd funding. It could pay for the forum hosting.

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It had to be you.



@Charlotte_Huel, are you implicating yourself on what has happened?

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No… but I am going to distract you and delight @hunzas

I will actually be living the hammock life all next week.

So what a perfect time to introduce @amie_huel to the forum :black_heart:


Hello @amie_huel :wave:

Don’t worry things can only get better.

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Don’t get confused with the similar spelling and sit on a hamster. They have a nasty bite when cornered.

Are you going anywhere nice on holibobs (I hate that word)? Hope @amie_huel has been forewarned that there are a few clowns on here who ask inane questions while the rest of us try to keep morale high.

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Mine used to bite me for no good reason.

Can’t believe you said holibobs :exploding_head:

I will be in Dubrovnik shame walking all over the place :bell:

I thought it would be best for her to throw herself into the deep end on Monday!

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Here’s hoping :sweat_smile:

It’s ok, they picked the best clown for the job!


They did but then he moved into another role.

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Cool. I was there exactly a year ago. Dunno if you’ve been before but it’s a lovely city. And yup plenty of walking opportunities.

We did a joint venture which incorporated Croatia (we also went to Korcula) and Montenegro. We went all over the place there. Worth a trip over the border if you get time.

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