Huel made the front page of reddit today



Haha do you write that page Tim? I have heard lots of mentions on here of the “witty social media team”, but I’ve never seen it for myself in the wild


Fair play to Tim (if it’s him) for giving as good as he gets but this kind of shite is why I have given up on all forms of social media.


Yeah @coup and witty don’t go together. I’d have given up as well.


This forum needs a middle finger option as well as a heart.


Something tells me you’d be the first with a temporary ban for giving too much middle fingers


I’d give him a total ban TBH


You’d go at the same time, for provoking resulting in all the middle fingers, most likely


Nah, I am too loved.


Hate-love is also a kind of love, else I had to disagree




Can’t take credit for these comments in particular, however the CS team are all on the same page when it comes to trolls on our ads – they’re awesome! There are some really high quality ones kicking around and, actually, this one probably wouldn’t even make the top 10!


Well now you’ve piqued our curiosity - I’d love to read that top ten!