Happy Birthday, Huel!

(Copied from Huels official facebook)

Happy Birthday to us!

Today is officially our 3rd Birthday. We’ve had an amazing year and would like to say a massive thanks to you for being a part of this journey, none of it would have been possible without you the amazing Hueler community.

With over 17 million meals sold - enough to feed Londo1n and Paris combined, we’ve also seen the launch of the world’s first nutritionally complete granola, the New & Improved Vanilla Powder and even the bars got a makeover with hints of Orange or Coffee flavours!

We can’t thank you enough for supporting us and to celebrate we’ve created the ultimate Huel birthday cake recipe. Of course this wouldn’t be complete without a birthday cake flavour hack so we’ve covered this as well for all you Huelers on the go!

Recipes at my.huel.com/bake

Photography by @sa_livefolk and @SeaAitchFood



Happy 3rd Birthday! What a great day to start my journal :smiley:

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As I wrote on FB,

Happy birthday! I have just joined the “Fellowship of the shake”, but it’s already a great journey!

:birthday: (Huel Cake :smiley: )


Happy birthday Huel, and all the team behind the product who take the time to work with their customers to adapt the products and continually improve and innovate.

Roll on year 4.

Happy Birthday Huel and Team! And thank you for my box of wonderful free gifts! Please keep up the good work.

Happy Birthday huel!

Awesome idea, absolutely love it!

Thanks soo much. :smiley:

Thank you all :metal: Absolutely amazing to have you all loving Huel. Thanks for sticking around :blush: