Happy birthday Huel + My first delivery of Huel came today!

Happy birthday to Huel. Happy birthday dear Huel. Happy birthday to you!

And this will also be, hopefully, the anniversary of when I first started using Huel.

Already tried it and found the taste to be unpleasant however, I’m excited to try to add things to make it tolerable IE. Chocolate powder, flavourings, ice etc. As long as what I’m drinking will help me lose weight then that’s what matters.

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My first order arrived today aswell - gotta love the timing, this way we wont forget when we started :slight_smile:
I just tried it too and I can’t say I enjoyed it, but at the same time, it’s not something I dislike. I find the taste a lot like oat meal with a splash of coffee (I’m a coffee addict so naturally I ordered the coffee version)

Happy birthday to Huel and congratulations to us newbies

Welcome to Huel, both of you!
I found Huel to not taste great initially, much like yourself. Now, a couple of months later I really enjoy it. Original Vanilla is superior, in my opinion.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. And please join the discord if you want to, we’re nearly 50 people hanging out there.