Happy New Year Hueligans


Happy Huel year! :partying_face:


You mean to say you still have a mind of your own, and the audacity to use it? :rofl:


Pure bants and lols :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


John, you know I’m a fan, have been for years. But anyone saying political correctness has “gone mad” should count themselves very lucky that some of the not-so-friendly language that has occasionally been used on here doesn’t strike a nasty chord in them. Words can be very powerful, I’m sure you would all agree. What sounds like innocent fun to you could really ruin someone else’s day, so why risk it? We’ve all got enough shit to deal with without causing each other misery for no good reason. This forum is a pretty special place if you ask me, I’ve never seen a group of people be so supportive and take so much time to help each other. Good for you. Let’s not ruin it by calling someone a retard when there’s so many better (and more accurate) ways to make “jokes”


I just asked Frankie Boyle for his view on it…you wouldn’t believe what he called you.:stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a new year guys let’s not have any fall outs, there’s a good bunch of users here, if we ever did have a ’ Huel day/weekend meet ’ I definitely would try and make an effort to meet you. I wouldn’t normally say that but there is a great crowd ( rowdy hueligans ) on here.
It is a public forum and we have to watch what we say and to respect each other, we have fun that makes it a good place. Speech over :smiley: hope you all had a good new year, I didn’t, I was quiet for a few days as I had a car crash on new years eve. I am ok and the other guy, just been shocked to the core. But I am getting there and ready for some mischief :grinning::grinning::grinning: bring on 2019.


Aww sorry to hear about the car crash, Ian :worried: Good to know you are both ok, apart from the shock of course. Phew!


Could of been a lot worse but thankfully wasn’t, but these things happen especially with the amount of cars on the roads these days and poor driving. Life’s too short as it is, thanks Bee


Yes. I love driving, always have, but there are some real idiots out there who apparently don’t have a second to lose.


Don’t Huel and drive


Nothing to do with New Year really but today is the first time in ages that I’ve poured myself a nice glass of red to go with my meal. Calorie counted of course :grin: I’m not a big drinker by any means, can take it or leave it these days, but I’m really enjoying this one. Cheers! :smile:




Just seen a bottle (1l) Baileys marked down from £21 to £12 and in the back of my mind I’m wondering how that will go with U/U Huel :thinking:


Haha now THAT’s something I have to steer clear of. I can feel the lbs going back on just thinking about it :laughing::yum:


I think Baileys Huel is something that has to be tried!

Happy new year everyone, I have only just recently joined the forum and have very much enjoyed reading the posts and learning from others experiences :slight_smile:


Hi Carey. Happy New year and welcome to the forum :grin: