Happy New Year Hueligans


Happy New Year. Drink and Be Merry.

This year has been a sad and difficult one for me so let’s hope that 2019 is better. And if anyone is offended by anything I have said then I am insincerely sorry


Hmmm whisky flavoured Huel. Now there’s an idea.
Happy New Year to you too, John. Here’s hoping it’s a good 'un :clinking_glasses:


Thanks. Same to you. :slight_smile:


Happy new year team! Here’s to meeting some of you at the meet and greet in 2019 which Tim doesn’t know he’s organising yet!


It’s gonna be in the Devon fulfillment place. Which makes it easier for me from my desert island.


I thought you lived on a boat only accessing the internet by hacking into the wifi of passing ships?


I can’t get much past you can I? I live off bugs, leaves and food from the massive Morrisons superstore.


Happy new year to all, and I hope @hunzas that you have a considerably better year than you’ve had in 2018. Thanks for all the laughs!


Happy nw year to you also :slight_smile:


Happy new year everyone, your a great bunch of Hueligans, wishing you all the best in the new year. It’s been a blast. :smiley:


Happy New Year to you all. So glad I started on Huel and joined this forum. You are all brilliant. Cheers! :clinking_glasses:


Ditto to all !! :sparkler::fireworks::champagne::wine_glass::beer::clinking_glasses:


Happy New Year all!

This time last year I was opening a bag of freshly released ‘New Vanilla’, and this year I’m enjoying a berry RTD!

Here’s to more of the same next year :partying_face:


Sorry to read you’ve had a tough year, your posts have helped me through the tough times and rather than offend, they always make me laugh. Political correctness is killing comedy. Even here. Watch out for the Thought Police. Happy 2019.


Aww…thanks. Means a lot.


Ditto. Agree about ‘correctness’. John’s comments make me laugh too :smile:


I’m welling up LOL


Wanna borrow my hankie? :sob:


@hunzas Well John it can’t have been that bad cos you’ve topped the charts for 2018, coming in at first place with a whopping 1.6k likes this year! Second place is Timmy with 1.2k…


LOL - as I always used to say at my last job…before I went self employed - STATS ARE FOR TWATS - but in this case stats are cool.

Not everyone appreciate my silliness, but no harm is intended. I love you all…even the twats who flag me…I expect you have come redeeming features. See you all in 2019…when Timmy will have pulled out all his hair,