High Sodium Levels

Hi fellow Hueligans. I have developed consistently High Blood Pressure, and I scanned the Ready to Drink bottles with the MyFitnessPal App, and it appears there’s a massive amount of sodium in the Chocolate flavour, and a pretty high level in the Banana flavour. Can anyone else confirm this. I need to get my BP under control and fast, as I don’t want to start taking medication for BP when I’m only just 50.

that would depend on how you define massive. One chocolate RTD meal is 15% of your daily recommended salt intake.

there are literally dozens and dozens of threads on sodium in Huel if you also have a scan through or read the guides.

Hi Chris,

As Phil has said I don’t the salt content of Huel RTD is that high. To be clear Banana RTD contains 0.5g of salt (200mg sodium) and RTD Chocolate contains 0.9g of salt (360mg sodium) per bottle.

Your doctor may have suggested a lower sodium intake, as a result please follow that over the daily recommended intake listed on the label.

I would suggest that if Huel is used as intended then you will not exceed normal daily sodium levels, so in your particular case it may be less of a case of Huel being high in sodium and more that you need low sodium.

I honestly wouldn’t worry about it: please read the salt fix if you haven’t already.