Salt RDA

I have a question and slight concern.
In the Nutritional Profile of Huel, Huel Vanilla v2.2 and Huel Unflavoured & Unsweetened v2.2 the salt level per day is listed as 2.9g for a daily consumption of 2000kcal. This is stated as being 48% of RDA.
My current diet is 100% Huel consuming approximately 1500 - 1800 kcal per day.
Should I add salt so I reach my RDA?
The reason I ask this is due to a recent blood pressure test reading of 99/63 which is low but within guideline levels.
Having said all that I was pleasantly surprised at my blood test results which were very good. My doctor wanted to check me out as I mentioned I had been vegan for 2 years.
I think Huel is a wonderful product which saves so much time and energy of buying, preparing, cooking and washing up.
If any body could set my mind at rest about the salt issue it would be greatly appreciated.
I am 46 years old, male with a BMI of 19.6.

Hey there, as long as you aren’t have any issues rated to low blood pressure then thats fine, you’d be looking out for dizziness, light headedness, fainting, heart palpitations etc etc.

If you think that’s bad then you should see my weird blood pressure its 113/37… Haha. Textbook widened pulse pressure right there!

Increasing salt wouldn’t hurt in either of our cases, I add 1g I’m the morning with eliminated my afternoon pre lunch light-headedness, and again pre workout, which seems to keep me focused for longer and less ‘spacey’ at the end of a workout. :slight_smile:

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Given your blood pressure, you may benefit from a pinch of extra salt per meal. However, when it comes to the RDA for salt, that is considered a maximum, not a target minimum (unlike the RDAs for other micronutrients, which are considered to be target minimums).

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Very true, but I wonder if sometimes the occasional person needs a little more than the RDA, I take easily 6-8g per day and if I ever lower it I actually feel quite rough.

I am quite heavily into fitness etc, so that might be a factor perhaps? I also drink tons of water too, so maybe it’s due to flushing more out.

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Oh absolutely - larger people, and those who sweat more (be it due to exercise, a warmer environment or just being naturally prone to sweating) need to take in more sodium to replace that which is lost.

There’s also a school of thought that the 6g maximum is too low in general, and that links to high blood pressure are exaggerated, but I haven’t researched this particular area thoroughly enough to recommend the intakes some of those papers suggest (10+g).

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Apparently if you drink enough water, your sodium level sorts itself out, and you should just eat as much salt as your body (tells you it) needs.

Hey @Scotia.

Once again the guys have made my job fairly easy here by answering your question.

The Reference Intake for salt in the EU is set at maximum of 6g/day, those with high blood pressure are recommended to have a max of 4g/day.

As mentioned, although too much salt can be negative as it can lead to high blood pressure which increases your risk of developing coronary heart disease, salt is an important electrolyte & chronically having too little doesn’t come without health implications. For example, those that sweat more such as active people may need to have more salt in their diet to replace what has been lost.

Huel Vanilla V2.3 has an increased salt count at 3.6g salt/2000kcal Huel = 60% RDA. This could be something to consider for your next order.

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Why don’t you do 100% RDA for 2000 kcal?

Because the Reference Intake (RI) for salt is a maximum recommended daily intake. Not a target to reach as such.

We need to think about the RI for salt in a different way to the way we consider Nutrient Reference Values for vitamins & mineral. NRVs for vits&mins are targets to meet & in some cases, even higher intakes are best. Reference Intake for salt is a maximum amount.

Hope that makes sense!


And also because salt is the simplest thing to supplement if you want more.


We hit the 100% RDA for salt in v2.0 and let’s just say it didn’t go down well…