WHY Low Salt Stresses the Body (Sodium, Hormones & Potassium)


I’ve been saying all this for years, nice to see such a well put together video, awesome share.

I eat at least 8-9g+ of salt per day, I actually got a blood pressure test done at 114/37 once! Can’t get lower diastolic than that! :wink:

Very interesting video.

Unfortunately, over the past few decades, a mainstream view based on bad science resulted in generations of people being indoctrinated to fear salt.

Consequently, when Huel increased the salt content to a more healthy level some time back, many people here on the forum freaked out about it and complained vociferously until it was lowered again.


It’s not a big deal, I just add salt, it’s not like it’s expensive or anything, you can get it pretty much everywhere you look if say you were travelling.

It’s certainly easier to add, rather than to take away from a finished product if you see what I mean?



Interesting thank you. How much salt would i need to add to a 3 scoop meal get to the higher level?

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I think salt requirements vary person to person depending on your current health. Certainly salt is essential and not to be demonised. There have been proven studies which show that people with hypertension (high blood pressure) certainly benefit from lower salt intake (under 3g per day) which can aide lowering BP readings in combination with exercise/dietary changes.

At the same time, people following a ketogenic/low carb diet would likely need to supplement with salt or at least increase their intake due to loss of electrolytes and to prevent an imbalance.

Athletes and those with normal BMI/bodyfat/BP readings I don’t think particularly need to watch their intake of salt, and would likely need more rather than less.

Overall, it’s definitely not the biggest dietary concern out there.

Hello :slight_smile:

I just found this topic in a search as I wanted to add my 2p.

I’m a competitive rower, I also do CrossFit as a cross-training, base fitness and strength element to my weekly training regime and have switched onto Huel for breakfast and lunch every weekday. It suits me because I can have my breakfast in the car whilst I sit in Cambridge traffic after a morning CrossFit session and it is both high enough in protein and high enough in carbs (I often add a banana when I blend my breakfast shake the night before) to be a decent post-workout. I have a busy job and often have to bolt down food between meetings so +2 for Huel because it ensures my quick lunch is both balanced and satiating.

It took me a while to ramp up slowly and get over the digestive issues but now that I have, I end up getting calf cramp all the time. Last weeks training was massively disrupted by calf cramp that went away with a days rest and then BOOM came back with a vengeance during my next training session.

Incredibly annoying.

Initially I supplemented magnesium, I thought potassium was unlikely as I do add that banana to my morning shake and I had MgSO (epsom salt) baths when I was having trouble but no effect. But Huel has plenty of both of those and I have now realised that it’s actually the very low sodium that is causing problems. In 800 calories worth of Huel I’m only getting about 500mg worth of sodium, arguments aside over what is an optimal amount when at rest that’s well below the 2300mg target in Myfitnesspal, even if I doubled my Huel intake I’d still only be getting 1000mg of sodium. I sweat out more than that in an hours CrossFit + erg session (OK I have no idea how much sodium I actually sweat out obviously but I do sweat a lot when I train.) Now that my sodium levels are back up no more calf cramp and my energy levels are also better.

I’m yet to switch back onto Huel as I’ve had some days at home with a seasonal virus, I’m deciding whether to bung a small scoop of rock salt in my Huel or whether to go for an electrolyte supplement during my training sessions. It’s certainly something that is very easy to add which I have no problem with, but it’s worth warning people about, I think.

I personally think Huel tastes better with a bit of salt in it anyway.

As Marcus said it tastes better with a little salt anyway, I’d give it a shot and report back, I don’t cramp anymore since upping my salt intake

How much salt are you adding?

I add 1.2-1.5g of salt in my breakfast huel which is around 240g of huel, plus cocoa and cinnamon.