Salt (again)

What’s your views on daily salt intakes?
The NHS says not to have over 6 grams but I can’t see a minimum amount. Some sites say not enough salt can be as bad as too much salt to health as we need some salt. I did see one site say to keep it over 3 grams but does anyone really know.
My diet was so poor before Huel I hate to think the amount of Salt I was having.
When I have 100% Huel I do get Headaches like some others do and if it’s down to the low salt in Huel I don’t know.Just having a simple sandwich with them seems to stop them.
I have 3 scoops in 400ml of water 4 times a day. On the Huel bag it says 3.7 grams for a total of 500g a day but I worked out 3 scoops ( 38g scoop ) is 114g, so a total of 456 grams.
So that’s a bit less salt again.
Ok I could start measuring the powder to get 125g, plus I would get the full 2000 calories that way. Or add a bit of salt but how do you know how much salt to add,half a teaspoon or a quarter???
On my 100% am I getting 3.2, 3.3 maybe 3.4 grams, I don’t know but it would be good to know of a minimum figure we should be having. Maybe I am looking into this salt thing a bit too much but on the other hand maybe if I had say 5 grams of salt a day I may not get headaches. I guess I can experiment by adding a pinch or 2 of salt.

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I can’t say anything about minimum salt intake, but I do know that sodium is necessary for clear thinking. I was seriously ill with Fanconi’s syndrome some years ago: my kidneys rather than recycle vital minerals and vitamins were sending them straight to my bladder. My sodium levels were okay, but potassium was dangerously low: neurons depend on an exchange of sodium and potassium ions to function properly is my understanding. The effect of the severe lack of potassium in my system was that I was subject to frequent hallucinations, usually extrapolations of what might happen in a given situation. I retain many of those hallucinations as real memories.

I’ve not found a minimum salt intake, despite having been advised by medics to decrease my salt intake. I found low salt diets depressingly bland, despite the fact that I use minimal salt when I do cook (except when making bread: then I always follow the recipe as the salt stops the yeast working beyond a certain point).


Why are people worrying about minimum levels of certain things ? And recommended daily amounts ?
Each person is different and the ‘average’ person may need X amount of a certain chemical BUT some people MAY need more or less !

Occasionally we get urges,which is our body saying we need X or Y or even Z !

These recommended daily aomounts are … for me at least … taken with a pinch of salt !


That’s exactly what I did when I was told my blood sodium was low. As I was having either 2 or 3 Huel meals each day, and really craving salty foods like crisps and salted nuts, I decided to add a tiny pinch of salt to each Huel. The salty cravings went away, along with the other symptoms that had pushed me to get a blood test in the first place.


Did you have another blood test to check or didn’t you bother because you felt better for adding a pinch of salt?

Yep I agree each individual has different requirements that’s why I wondered if my body was telling me I am not getting enough salt. Some people don’t think like that, that’s why they can have health problems consuming not enough salt. Which I hadn’t realised could happen I didn’t think you could have health problems, if I was ill I wouldn’t of thought it’s down to low salt levels. But still think some kind of guidelines should be something like, consume between 3 and 6 grams a day of salt is a recommended healthy range.

I haven’t had it done yet. I keep forgetting, but I am supposed to, so hopefully I’ll remember/bother to phone for an appointment this week!

Absolutely agree with you: but the RDI gives a baseline to work from so you can work out what’s right for you.

On relying on your body saying “I want X, Y or Z” sometimes your head knows better than your body: there are times when I could kill for a bar of chocolate, but Nurse Diabetes would kill me first!

I always put a pinch of salt. Huel has great values and they put a lower salt amount to make the product flexible. You can have it as a breakfast or as a meal or anything you want. Just add some salt and there you go. If Huel had a higher amount of salt, the polyvalence would be reduced a lot depending on the person

Just add salt


I only put a pinch of salt in the first week, after getting a few headaches.
Headaches have long gone, cravings sometimes remain.
I agree with Din1965: it’s the body saying something is lacking. It’s easily fixed when you feel it!


Great that this helped you. I too have salt cravings, and was thinking about adding a pinch to my Huel meal.

@Wendy_Shepherd did you have your blood test?

Yes, I did in the end, all was good. :slight_smile:

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Good to hear :smiley:

My most common urges are pizza and burgers. I’m not entirely convinced that’s my body needing something.

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I love pepperoni pizza I always crave for one but manage to fight the urges off 99% of the time. I feel like shit after one as well but still crave them.

Well I just had a big breakfast and it was nice no regrets, I read they now recommend you have one slice of bacon and half a sausage. Stuff that advice :smiley:
Have to admit since Huel came into my life I don’t enjoy cooked breakfasts as much as before but there still quite nice as a treat. :yum:

Just looked down at my belly not looking good will have to work it off and fast for the rest of the day