Hitting 3400 calories on v2.0 concerns

I have been reading many of the comments here on the forums over the past few weeks and have a concern regarding the salt intake and any other potential over RDA of certain elements.

I am currently consuming around 2900 calories of Huel and a meal in evening (some days i may be 100%) in order to hit 3400.

I am absolutely sold on this product but would really like to understand the potential issues i may face if any at all?



At 3400 calories you’re consuming about 10g of salt a day which is far too high.

I think you’ll be fine on everything else though.

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Thanks @nykampmp what can i do about this - I mean if its far too high whats the worst that can happen and is it worth continuing at this rate or could it cause problems?

Long term it will raise your blood pressure. Short term you might feel bloated because your body holds onto water for longer. There are plenty of worst case scenarios, salt can affect your blood, arteries, brain, kidneys and so on but you’d have to consume Huel extensively over a long period for any worst case scenarios to occur.

Do you solely eat Huel? If so, then I can only suggest finding an alternative to Huel, or try to source some older 1.2 Huel.

If you are eating a normal meal or two as well as Huel, then I suggest cutting Huel down to below 2000 calories a day. 2000 a day is still over 6g but it’s certainly better than 10g+

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@nykampmp I have been aiming for 2800/2900 of Huel a day and the rest coming from an evening meal. The convenience of it is perfect based on my day - between meetings etc…

Actually really disappointed that the salt is really high at this level to the point its dangerous - why is this @Julian?

I have just signed up today for a subscription - is there a way to order 1.2 or is that impossible?


For now then if you’re concerned about the salt I would cut back on the Huel (bring it down to 2000 calories if you can - that’s not a big ask) and increase your normal meals.

Just of out curiosity, why do you consume so many calories a day? Is it due to your job or are you bulking up?

Wanting to bulk up massively… I was with a meal delivery service that was really good but struggled to eat the amount of food in a day that was needed (plus the inconvenience of traveling, or being stuck in meetings and missing meals + wastage)

This seemed the total wonder package :slight_smile:.

I will look at reducing to 2000 I think just to be safe and look at alternatives to finding the extra calories.

Appreciate your help and still love Huel :slight_smile: just would have been awesome to have been back at the 1.2 salt content then have the ability to add more salt if someone was needing more.

Reduce for now and then just be patient for 2.1. @JamesCollier has already said that he’s working on improvements (in terms of the salt content) so hopefully we should see it in the not too distant future.

I would add that if you are getting 2000 calories from Huel that is still quite a lot of salt (above the EU maximum guideline) so you should probably try quite hard to keep the extra food as low sodium as possible.

To be honest I think even 2000 cal of Huel is too much salt if you are going to be supplementing with a couple of normal meals (which will always contain some salt even if you don’t add any).

It seems v2.0 design was heavily influenced by a marketing box-ticking exercise so they could claim “100% of EU Reference Intake for all vitamins and minerals”. The mistake is that the EU Reference Intake is explicitly a maximum (closer to the US Tolerable Upper Limit, in fact for salt it is set the same as the US TUL) so this resulted in a food that calorie for calorie is 20% saltier than Walkers Ready Salted. I don’t think having 2000 calories a day of Walkers would be good for your health and I don’t see how 2000 calories of Huel can be either.


I think there are many users who plan exactly to consume Huel extensively over a long period - that is what the product is supposed to be designed for!

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Yup. I think the Huel guys underestimated how popular their product is with people who want to take it seriously over a long period.

Huel v2.1 is now available for purchase.

This version has had sodium fluoride removed. The salt is at the same level since we reduced it in September.