Harm in eating 6 servings / day?

4 servings of Huel (125g / serving) gives you 2000 calories. To meet my caloric needs I would have to consume 6 servings per day instead (3000 calories).

I’m concerned however of consuming too much of some micro-nutrients or macro-nutrients by doing this. For example: I’m concerned that this would equal 225 g of protein, quite an excessive amount to consume in a single day. Is this a legitimate concern? Should I add calories in some other way, and in that case how?

v1.2 would have been fine - I’d be concerned having this much daily from v2.0 due to the new salt amounts. You’d be getting almost 10g of salt a day, which is very high.


What solution do they propose then? I can’t imagine that they really expect everyone to be fine with only 2000 calories?

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I know. I tend to have 2,000 calories of Huel plus an evening meal, so on v2.0 I’m going over the daily salt limit.

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You’ll see on the forum/their facebook page that the huge increase in salt has caused a bit of a stir. Huel have said they’re taking the comments on board, which I believe, so here’s hoping they’ll either reverse the salt amounts/add packets for choice or similar.


If you need 3,000 cals a day you’re probably doing something that will cause you to sweat out a bit of salt, I would have thought.

Easiest way to add Calories is with a little olive oil. Avoid virgin or extra-virgin as it’ll have too much of an impact on taste - instead opt for either pure or light olive oil. 1000 Calories is ~113 grams, so add ~28.25g (2 tablespoons) of olive oil in per meal to reach 3000 Calories total.

What about coconut oil?

That much coconut oil will probably cause you quite a bit of gastrointestinal distress due to the high MCT content. Feel free to try but it may not be pleasant.

Okay, thanks for the warning.

I think they rectified some misunderstanding with the salt content recently. There was a very large thread about it, but I do believe that all orders now are basically ‘better’ with salt content than original v2.0.