30 Day experience - Any interest?

So, just purchased my first batch of Huel. I have a bit of background that’ll need explaining first:

I started the year at 102KG and decided enough is enough. I’m 20 years old and 102KG put me into the overweight/obese BMI category.

Over the last 5 months I’ve religiously worked on my diet and exercise (cardio + weight lifting, daily) in order to lose 20KG, putting me at my current 82KG @ 5ft 11. I’m now happy at this point and sit at a comfortable 20% body fat with good muscle mass. BMI is around 23.

Getting into the bodybuilding/weight lifting scene has made me want to push myself further - I want that sweet spot 13% body fat level with defined muscular build. Enter Huel.

I’m going to use Huel for 30 days at 2200 calories per day, 100% usage. This is a deficit of 400 calories on my TDEE, + the deficit from exercise.

I have purchased the unflavoured version along with a whole load of MyProtein Flavdrops. Hopefully this will ease the taste! I’ve been consuming whey protein with massive amounts of oats for the last 5 months, so I should be accustomed in terms of bowel adjustment.

I’ll post my opinions, experiences and progress here. If progress is good, I’ll throw in some progress pics :smile:


Thats over 7g of salt a day with v2.0.

Probably not a problem if you are exercising a lot but might be interesting to take your blood pressure before and after the 30 day period if you can get to a machine.


Hmm interesting. Read a fair bit about that on these forums but can’t say it’s bothered me at all. Generally exercise for two hours per night, one hour weight training and one hour 15% incline power walking. I guess the extra salt will be beneficial for this.

Will definitely bear it in mind though. Not sure where to measure blood pressure but happy to try.

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A lot of chemists will measure it for free. Here’s a site to find one:

When repeating try to do the same time of day, same time after meals/exercise etc.

If you keep up 100% Huel v2.0 I think it wouldn’t do any harm to check it once a month or once every couple of months.

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Go for it! :slight_smile:

First ever Huel today - Unsweetened. Went in at 500kcal, only 300ml water for thickness. Added 10 drops of MyProtein flav drop, chocolate flavour. Worked a treat, consistency was splendid and flavour was not too extreme, mild chocolate with some taste of pea behind it.

Observation: Huel scoop is equal volume to Bulkpowders scoop, may be useful to someone.

A few days into Huel, more experiences to share.

Firstly, the taste of Unflavoured is starting to get to me… I’m thinking I should have gone for vanilla with a sachet of flavouring. I’ve resorted to using whey protein as flavour in the meantime. Unflavoured + Banoffee is pure magic.

After a 5 scoop shake this morning, I’ve had a bit of rumbles but still feel full.

I attempted a Vegan diet upon receiving my Huel, but this has now been given up on as I found it pure [expletive]. Couldn’t live without eggs and milk.

I’m interested to see how you get on with this. I’m trying to get down from 15-16% bodyfat down to 12%.

I’ve just made a Huel shake using a sample packet I ordered, and I can live with the taste and texture no problem and am thinking of having 1 or 2 shakes a day along with a meal in the evening, so will put an order in when v2.1 comes out.

I am aiming for <80g of carbs on rest days though, so that will limit how many shakes I can have. Workout days I eat over 150g of carbs so more flexibility then.


I’ll keep updating whenever something new happens with it. At the moment I’m pretty chuffed, although I’ve just ordered some flavouring.

4 days on 100% unflavoured now. Novelty has worn off and I’m used to the process of making, weighing and shaking a shake. Taste is still a minor issue, but adding a scoop of flavored whey helps. Awaiting delivery of my flavour pouches.

Energy has been much more consistent throughout the day. No lethargy or tiredness. Gym workouts have been good, with no need for pre workout.

Something I’ve noticed is much more consistent bowel movements, as gross as that is!

Flavour pouches arrived (Strawberry and chocolate). Both delicious, really help with the flavour of Unsweetened. Can’t wait to make a new order so that I can get some vanilla. Unflavoured is not my thing I’m afraid.

Eventually cracked and had a small portion of sweet potato fries today, couldn’t resist. Weight seems to have fallen 0.7kg this week, but that could be a random occurences or a drop in bodily water retention.

I’m interested if it is not an anomaly because 0.7kg is fairly significant weight loss. Its 1.5 pounds of fat if its true weight loss, not to be sniffed at.

Sweet potato is good for you btw :slight_smile:

Indeed, I calculated I’d lose 0.5kg per week if I ate at 1800 after posting this. I haven’t been eating at 2200 as originally planned. This is also including gym work, so I think I need to increase my intake so that I avoid unhealthy levels of weight loss.

Sweet potatoes are my weakness. They’re healthy, but not when you eat 2 potatoes worth! :wink:

nah sweet potatos are food of the gods! But doesn’t sound bad there are worse cheat meals believe me, the only bad thing with sweet potato fries would probably be high calorie content of any oil. The SP itself is an amazing source of generalised goodness, root veg with vitc thiamin potassium and manganese highest source of beta carotene which ironically fat helps it become bioavailable, loads of other stuff including antioxidants and anti inflammatory benefits (good for after the gym).

What sort of stuff you doing at the gym? If its lean muscle building I’d keep that calorie intake up above 2000, remember a pound of lean muscle burns an extra 50 calories a day and all of that work if you are doing it hard as you should is calories intensive. A good 1 hour kettlebell session can burn 1000 calories including the post workout burn.

They are indeed, pure heaven!

I’m generally following a PPL routine but with no rest - I never feel the need. Bench, Overhead Press, cable pulldowns and shrugs are tonight’s recipe.

Yes this what I’m struggling with at the moment. I can’t make my mind up between losing the last of my chub and getting down to 12-15% body fat or going all out bulk for the winter. I’m leaning toward the latter to be honest now that you mention it… Perhaps I’ll start aiming at 2800kcal and see what gains I can get from Huel! Far more interesting (and harder) than weight loss :slight_smile:

Perhaps another Huel after the gym tonight would be a good idea :smiley:

You can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time too :slight_smile: its all about keeping a positive nitrogen balance (protein intake) but to much a caloric deficit won’t help

Interesting video! I’ve tried all that and it’s never really worked for me. Even being at 150g protein consistently per day hasn’t really done that much for me.

Only thing I haven’t tried is a conventional bulk, which he specifically advises against haha. Worth a go with all this Huel lying around!

depends how heavy you are, I’m needing over 180g of protein as I’m 240 pounds, but there are many other factors too. 0.8g protein per pound is what I am working from but there are multiple other factors like sleep and types of training, I’d recommend following that fella, he likes approaching it from a scientific perspective.

I think we have opposite problems, I have no problem putting muscle on but fat is even easier!

Currently sat at 80kg bang on near enough. Was initially looking to drop to 75 but thinking I’ll just maintain for now.

Yeah that chap is fantastic, I’ve come across quite a few of his videos in the past.

As a general update for anyone reading, experienced the dreaded explosive Huel bowel today. It was bizarre, almost like one explosive burst followed by a painful colonic battle before one minute later, another explosive burst.

Only been occurring since I tried flavour pouches. Anyone know if there’s irritants in these bags?

Explosiveness has disappeared. Body seems to be used to chocolate flavouring now, pretty sure that’s what triggered it.

Still hovering around 80kg after adjusting to 2800 calories. Hit a new personal best on Overhead Press today, must be doing something right.

Still feel like the best possible way to make U&U taste amazing is a scoop of whey protein!