How many a day?

@itsjoerack unless you were to use Huel to consume 2000kc a day and make the weight loss out of calorie deficiency above that point.

A man should be on about 2400 calories a day so 2000 is still less than you need to consume, especially if you are all active or overweight which increases your calorie consumption. You’d have to be sedentary to only need 2000.

Which actually means I’ve answered my own question. I should be consuming 2000 of huel per day.

It’s Vitamin Egg. It’s part of the E-family.

“Lord give us our daily lasagna”

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And forgive us our pasta,
as we also have forgiven our spaghetti.


I understand what you mean.

Huel is not considering a weight loss product - full vitamins and minerals but less calories. This market is completely saturated and people have very little trust for weight loss products now. It just isn’t the route we want to go down.

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I can’t change your mind if that is the route you don’t want to go down but can I say many people have little trust in weight loss products but plenty of huel customers have trust in Huel, I’ve seen how you folks go about things and you have quite a lot of trust from me and I’m sure many others.

Just saying, when it gets thrown around the office there is at least one vote here for a weight loss product (and you know there are a few others on the forum)

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That’s a funny one isn’t it? I use huel - if not strictly for weight loss then at least to keep out of snack bars and from eating the marks n sparks goodies out the BP as my self control is embarrassingly dysfunctional. It works!! (The huel works - not the self control).

I consume approx 900 cal daily Monday to Friday from huel (yes I know that’s too few - but I allow a margine for my love of tea with 1 sugar and anything else that I enjoy like a slice of toast in front of tv to chill) and it’s crossed my mind that I’m not getting the benefit of guaranteed 100% nutrition. I don’t fret too much over it as I figure I’m unlikely to be too short of anything as I generally eat well and lots of veg (I just eat too much and indulge in too many comforts).

However - one of the main influencing factors in choosing huel was that it wasn’t marketed as a fad diet product. I had profoundly more trust because of this. To me it was a trustworthy product that I could use easily and work out calorie intake with no difficulty or confusion. Plus it fitted in well with my career as a truck driver and 15 or 13 hour shifts.

That said - having built that trust, if a batch was produced that offered full nutrition at a lower calorie intake I’d be inclined to choose that option. Especially given my calorie need as a female is less than the male.

Well I’m certainly not suggesting they market themselves as a fad :smiley:

I know :slight_smile:
It’s just the association. Diet product = fad.

If you’re overweight, chances are it takes a fair bit more than 2000 calories to maintain your weight, so sticking to 2000 would probably result in weight loss anyway, until you reached ideal weight and then the weight loss would tail off.

that was the conclusion I eventually reached @Dave_Herod you are right, its something I always forget that maintenance calories for your weight upwardly correlates with weight and daily activity.

+1 for Huel as a weight loss product. I realised I couldn’t fit into a brand new pair of jeans I ordered online, so I just started consuming 80% Huel for a couple of weeks and could then jam my arse into them :slight_smile: I’ve been wearing those jeans for a week now. They’re still very tight, but getting looser by the day :smiley:

IMHO, combining extremely high protein, lots of fibre and the ability to count calories ridiculously easily, makes weight loss quite simple with Huel.

Sorry to resurrect this but I was thinking. If you get 1000kcal of Huel a day, why can’t you take half a multivitamin? Mine are from costco and split in two.


Are you talking about eating ONLY 1000 kcal a day?

Nope. Say you replace two meals with Huel (1000kcal), then surely you are getting half your vitamins that way, so you could eat half a multivitamin that day and youd be roughly covered…

When I was a student the only way I could afford to get plenty of fruit and veg was frozen fruit, and wonky veg boxes. I was a little tighter on budget than most!

That was in addition to plenty of planning and weekly meal prep. It was a bit of a bore and if someone was busy and or raising children without much disposable income, I’d imagine getting the right fruit and veg intake could be difficult. Less about the money and more about mental discipline and motivation I think. I don’t know how hard it is to be a parent, but many of my friends with kids say it’s tough making it through the week sane haha.

Maybe a silly question here (only been using huel for 2 days) - Surely if you are even having 500kcal of Huel, it is better than not having it? I bought it on the basis that it will increase the amounts of vitamins /minerals etc that I get. I have started on just replacing breakfast, and then will replace lunch next week. After reading this post it almost feels like that’s pointless because I’m still not getting what I need?

That is true, but like any food you don’t get your recommended intakes if you don’t eat enough of it. If the rest of your diet is shocking, then you won’t get enough minerals and vitamins…but it’s a damn sight better than another bag of crisps and can of coke.

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A multivitamin would help, but there are certain nutrients (namely potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, chloride and phosphorus) which aren’t contained in a multivitamin, so you may still be short on these. Sodium and chloride can easily be obtained in the form of salt, but potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus could be an issue.