Not getting 5 a day?


I am concerned about not getting 5 a day anymore so based on my usage intention should i continue to try for 5 a day or take a supplement.

Basically I intend to have maybe 6 huel scoops until dinner time where I will eat a relatively balanced meal. Later in the evening I will no doubt eat some non nutritious snack and maybe a glass of wine. This is my pleasure in life so I’ll never stop doing this bit.

My previous diet involved cereal breakfast, tomato soup or chicken an corn for lunch with a snack of fresh fruit juice an apple and raisins. This would be 4 of my 5 then I’d have at least one with my evening meal.

So I will be cutting these four out and replacing with 6 scoops of huel. Will that make up for it or should I either stick to my old diet or have a supplement?

Many thanks

As far as I’m aware Huel has got everything in it vitamins omega 3&6 amino acids so you don’t need any supplements- I do put fruit in mine as I have the unsweetened version and prefer to sweeten naturally so I’m getting fruit on top of everything I need. I have a veggie meal each evening as Huel is for beeakfast and lunch for me. Hope that helps a little.

Thanks for the reply.

My concern is I’m only doing 40% huel I.e 6 scoops so I’m likely needing topped up ?

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If you are doing 40% then yes the rest of your diet needs to provide the rest of your nutrient pro rata.

It’s difficult to make recommendation unless you give up your full meal plan.

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It should be 7 a day actually…

Though I don’t know how they found that 7 a day reduced risk of death by 30%, its everyone’s destination eventually. Think they missed off ‘premature’ :wink:

Ha. Very true! But Julian I’m referring to a standard meat, potato or rice and veg meal so should I go supplement or keep the fruit juice, Apple and raisin in the diet and count my huel meals as 1 or 2?