How much lead is in Huel Powder v3.0?

I have recently been told about the issue of metals such a lead being in plants, and this being more of an issue when the plants are sourced from certain places as the top soil has more lead in it. I’ve been using Huel as my main nutrient source for roughly a year, and the one thread I found on it on here seemed to suggest that I’m having 3~ times the amount that’s “okay” according to the FDA.

So, this thread is to hopefully get the Huel team to let me know how much lead is in Huel or if the newer versions have lowered that amount. I’ve also emailed the Huel team.

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You can check out an example of our heavy metal tests here Connor:

The levels of lead are below the levels of detection.


Thank you!

I was interested when I read this as I’ve recently gone plant based so the fact that there’s high levels of lead and metals in top soil means I’m going to have to have a read on this does this include organic fruits and vegetables?

It’s in animals as well, but it gets put into the bones and so you don’t get it directly from eating meat like you do with plants which generally spread the metals out more evenly. With that said, I’m not an expert but as far as I’m aware it mostly depends where it comes from and organic things will likely have lower on average just because they’re more likely to be ordered from local places and the worst offenders (I believe) are other countries such as China where many companies will buy from to cut costs!

It’s worth paying attention to but generally by eating plants from your country (if that country doesn’t have much metal in their top soil) will lower the amount you have in your body. I’d Google it if I were you!

Very interesting mate that’s definitely worth me looking into as I’ve been vegan since January after watching gamechangers on Netflix. That film really opened my mind up to what eating meat does and the gains I’ve made since eating pant based have spoken for themselves. I’ve always been sceptical about meat in plastic and fruit and veg with pesticides on them so I’ve hunted my own meat and sourced my veg when ever I had the time. But I really appreciate the information that people have and are willing to share on this forum.:+1::+1:

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Thanks so much for starting the discussion! I am considering buying the hot and savory packs, can you tell me what the heavy metal content of those are? thanks!

Hey, I can see you’ve posted this question elsewhere so I will answer there and close this topic.