Huel content question

I have 2 questions. I emailed these to Huel customer support over a week ago and still haven’t heard a response, so I’m hoping to get a response here.

  1. Are the flavor boosts made in a gluten free facility? I saw a thread from April 2017 saying that Huel is moving their production to a gluten free facility, but there was no update as to whether that move has been completed. Are Huel flavor boosts now certified gluten free just like the gluten free version of Huel?

  2. A lot of high protein powdered foods/nutritional suppliments are high in heavy metals and other toxic elements because they aren’t regulated by the FDA. Is this the case for Huel? What (if any) are Huel’s content of lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic?

The answer to your second question can be found here

When I click that link it gives me a 404 not found error.

You from UK?

No, I’m not from the UK. Lol does Huel only give nutrition info to people in the UK? If so, could you screenshot it?

No, but I’m guessing limitation means that webpage content is not available to you. 404 means you can hit the server but not the content. Possibly geoblock. Coming right up.

Edit: Nvm the page is pretty big with PDFs. Will sort when I’m home.

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Replace UK in adress with eu, se or wherever you are

I’m in the US, but replacing uk with us didn’t work =/

Guessing here but the info for UK is applicable to eu, se etc and so similarly available.

But not the us, because the product sold in us is different, possibly from different sources too.

These are the metal tests:

I don’t know about the gluten content of flav boosts, but in the EU website it’s stated that they are done in a facility that handles oats (gluten). So I think it’s a no go for celiacs, but I’d wait for someone with more knowledge than me.

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  1. The Flavour Boosts are Gluten-Free - they are tested and come back way below legal levels (so much so, tests don’t measure that low).

  2. A heavy metal report from a few months back is here.