Please clarify, Flavour Boost is suitable for celiacs? Gluten free yes or not?

Hi all, this is my first post on Huel forum.
I’m new on Huel, I have started drinking Vanilla Gluten free Huel powder since some weeks ago and I’m very happy with it.
It’s helping me a lot to gain weight, as until I discovered that I am celiac I was suffering gut problems and loosing weight.
The only complain I have is about sucralose, it gives me headaches (I think I’m not the only one), and it tastes too sweet for me, also I read studies that says supposedly it’s bad for gut bacteria, I don’t know if this is true or not but anyway for the other reasons sucralose is not for me.

So I decided to buy gluten free U/U version, wich is sucralose free, but it tastes horrible for me, I tried to add some strawberrys, or generic supermarket vanilla flavour plus a bit of sugar, but I don’t like it.

I want to try Huel flavour boost, as they are sucralose free, more different flavours are available and I can controll the amount I use.

As I am celiac I want to be very sure that flavour boost is safe for me.
Can someone clarify this please?

In 2017 @Tim_Huel said:

Blockquote The pouches do not include any ingredients that have gluten in. However, they are produced in a facility that contains gluten, we note this on the packaging. We are in the process of changing this to a gluten free facility so you can be certain they don’t contain any traces gluten.

In 2018 @JamesCollier said:

Blockquote The Flavour Boosts are Gluten-Free - they are tested and come back way below legal levels (so much so, tests don’t measure that low).

And today, before discovering this forum, Lydia email assistant answered me:

Blockquote Our Flavor Boosts are naturally gluten-free but not certified (we produce them from gluten-free ingredients but are not tested).

As you can see, information about gluten on flavour boost is messy, it’s not clear.
If what JamesCollier said is true, why this product isn’t gluten free certified?
If you were celiac what would you do in my case? Should I buy it or not? Is it safe for me or not?
Which is the real actual status of flavour boost? Is it tested as below legal levels or is it not as Lydia answer me today?

Thanks for your time, best regards Edu.

the flavour boosts changed formulation since James quote so perhaps it is the new formulation that has not been tested yet. the Covid situation appears to have severely impacted scheduled testing on several of their newer products.

Hey Edu! Welcome to the forum, thanks for joining in and for doing your research before posting. Something we don’t always see here, we really appreciate it!

I can totally see why you’re confused, and as a coeliac you need to be crystal clear. I think I know the answer but I’m going to triple check and get right back to you :slight_smile:

Edit: @eduedu_123, we’ve switched suppliers and changed formulations a number of times so anything other than what Lydia has already said to you will be out of date. You can think of our Flavour Boosts like our v3.0 regular Powders. They are naturally gluten-free but could be contaminated with gluten during processing and therefore we’d recommend not consuming the flavour boosts if you have Coeliac disease.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thank you very much for your transparency and quick response!
If this changes in the future I will buy it without any doubt :slight_smile:
Meanwhile I will try to find a gluten and sucralose free flavoring/sweetener to add on my Huel.
Best regards, Edu.