Flavor Boost Ingredients

I’m new to Huel and have not yet received my first order of the gluten free unflavored/unsweetened. I am curious about the flavor boost ingredients - I see them listed as “natural and artificial flavors” on the example labels pictured on the website however, I am not readily seeing what comprises those flavors nor is the source of inulin or any sweeteners listed. Am I overlooking this information somewhere? I’m doing an elimination plan to reduce inflammation so ingredients are kind of important. Thanks in advance!

Hey Julie,

Great to have you on the team! Welcome to the forum :blush:

Ingredients for our Flavour Boosts are on the product pages, just scroll down!

For example the Toffee Flavour Boost ingredients are:
Huel Toffee Flavour Boost ingredients: Maltodextrin, Gum Arabic, Natural Flavouring, Sweetener (E960 - Stevia).

So the sweetener is Stevia. All the flavouring in the Flavour Boosts is natural but the formulation is super secret and held by the flavour house we use, like the formula for Coca Cola is secret. Hence why it isn’t listed.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your help Tim; I was reading the info on my phone at the time and apparently I hadn’t looked far enough :nerd_face:

I’m looking forward to getting my first order of Huel!

Maltodextrin? No Tim… I was thinking in looking for flavours for UU

Maltodextrin Tim why would Huel use this with isn’t it a cheep filler with a GI of 110?

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Of which you put in ~2g into Huel to flavour it. The carbohydrates in Huel Powder come from Oats which do not have a high GI, we don’t use maltodextrin in Huel Powder and the amount that makes up a flavoured Huel meal is next to nothing.

If you’re afraid of malto, the mint chocolate fs contains none and is delicious.

BTW @Tim_Huel is malto used as a carrier in the powder at all? For MCT or vitamins

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Thanks for the information, I hope you agree im not the expert so asking questions of the experts is key.