How would Huel taste without the addition of sugar / sweeteners?

Just curious, how would Huel taste without the addition of sugar? Some flavours are naturally sweet, but I am sure they are not sweet enough, otherwise the team at Huel wouldn’t have seen the need to add sweeteners into the mix, I believe.

So, this is more of question for the team Huel, really. Have you guys ever tried the existing set of flavours, only without the added sugar? How did it taste like?

Would it be fair to say that the only ingredient in Huel that doesn’t have any positive nutritional value is sweeteners?

Unflavored/Unsweetened Huel powder already exists and you can give it a try.


Thanks for the reply. I know the product. My question was just for unsweetened Huel. Flavoured but no sweetener.

It will still give you a good idea. The sweeteners mask the earthy gut wrenching vomit inducing taste of U/U.


c’mon @Coup - don’t sit on the fence here :slight_smile:

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The added sugar is really, really small and not actually sugar. Let me explain. The flavours can be put on carriers such as maltodextrin which can bump up the sugar content on the label a little bit, but they’re not providing much sweetness.

We’ve tried flavouring without sweetness but it’s key for a lot of our flavours, providing products that taste of the flavour we describe.

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Just curious, how would Huel taste without the addition of sugar?

Until recently, flavour boosts were available with very little sweetener (because they were meant to be mixed with already sweet Huels like vanilla).
Combining them with U&U gets close to what you want to know, if you mean sweetener for sugar. It makes totally boring mixtures.

I am not sure sweetener is totally invaluable, nutritionally speaking. Positively perceived taste increases the secretion of digestive enzymes and thus improves digestion. Boring food does less of it.

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I think most users get U/U to “dilute” or decrease the intensity of another flavour. Or blend in other stuff. It seems that most people find plain U/U disgusting.