Sucralose and Vanilla, are they really necessary?

After nearly a week on Huel I’m loving it.

I’ve been occasionally adding bananas, fibre powders, and other protein powders, and I usually make it with coconut and pineapple juice added.

With that in mind, would you consider making it without flavouring, and leaving it to the user to add whatever flavouring they like?

I like how I feel from Huel, it’s obviously serving my nutritional needs, but there is this odd vanilla aftertaste that seems out of place.

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I totally agree with this - I would like to experiment more with making it more savoury tasting but the vanilla is always lingering in the background


@iamruth @Magnus Hi there, thanks for your feedback. We are actually bringing out an unflavoured/unsweetened version very soon, and we’re also bringing out 4 flavours which can be bought to add to Huel, or you can just add your own flavourings as you are doing. We hope this will suit some people who would like an even more neutral flavour to their Huel.

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Great, I look forward to it!

I wonder if flavoured versions are catering to people who are not actually your market anyway.

People who care that much about the taste probably aren’t the sort of cutting-edge self-experimenter life-hacker that would be interested in Huel. Anyone who wants to make the shift to Huel for nutrition, time and money saving, is likely to have enough imagination to flavour it themselves, and enough opinions of their own about how it should be flavoured to want to do that.

e.g. if you went to a shopping mall and asked passersby to taste it they would probably go for vanilla, or chocolate, or mango, or whatever else, and they wouldn’t like the unflavoured version.

But if you went to a self-development conference, and found people who wanted Huel or something like it already, they would prefer it unsweetened and unflavoured.



@Magnus I think a big part of the market is probably people who want a ready-made product they don’t have to mess with.

Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle. I happen to like the flavour of Huel just as it is, and I like the simplicity of just adding water. However, I am also interested in the option to flavour it how I like, so I will try the unflavoured version and the new flavours.


@Magnus - you do raise a good point. Huel has multiple target markets one is certainly cutting-edge self-experimenter life-hacker. When we originally blended Huel a major problem was the taste if you have you every taste unflavoured and unsweetened vegan protein (Pea and Rice) you will know what I mean, they are nasty. They have a very earthy and chalky flavour and mouth feel which is not pleasant to consume.

We experiment with lots of flavour combinations and this was one of very few that could mask it. So due to customer demand are offering an unflavoured and unsweetened version. I will interested to hear how user flavour it.

@Marcus is also correct, one large market will be people looking for an all-in-one product for minimal hassle.

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We experiment with lots of flavour combinations and this was one of very few that could mask it.
one large market will be people looking for an all-in-one product for minimal hassle

In that case, you should really keep the vanilla but go for just a moderate sweetness as your standard version.

I did a test on five german friends who enjoy eating the ‘dutch shake’, they all agree that huel has the better texture (and is more satisfying) but that it’s too sweet. Maybe the continental taste prefers less sweeter products. :slight_smile:

@cmeyer1869 Well done for getting some other people to test it. That’s certainly valuable information. I’m just curious though: did you ask them with a leading question like “Do you think this is too sweet?” If not, and you just asked them “What do you think of this?” could they have already been aware that you thought it was too sweet? It’s just worth considering, because friends are more likely to agree with each other.

I think the best thing to do at this stage would be to invite all present customers to do a quick poll on the flavour. Maybe @SophieMarketingHuel could do that as part of the next newsletter?

I came here just to say this – I’ve made smoothies with Huel and the vanilla and sweetness comes through far too strong. I’d prefer it to be optional. I have a sweet tooth usually but I think it’s too strong.

I wonder if part of the reason for a difference in perceived sweetness is that some people make their Huel thicker than others?

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I must be the odd one out. I think Huel is just right. :blush:

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@Marcus yes, a poll might be an interesting idea. Thanks for the suggestion :smile: At least with the unflavoured/unsweetened version coming out, people will be able to make that choice themselves though.


An unflavored version would make more sense with the slogan “Everything your body needs. Nothing more”.