Thoughts on a less sweet Huel?

Hi Hueler,

As you know we are planning to release an unsweetened and unflavoured version of Huel, in the next few weeks.

We are also planning to reduce the flavour and sweetness of the main version of Huel, which I’ve tried and it’s certainly is still pleasant to drink and less sweet. What do you think about reducing the sweetness and flavour of the current version of Huel or should we leave it untouched?

Thank you.

Personally, I like Huel just the way it is. It think it currently has the perfect amount of sweetness without being an intrusive flavour.

Initially, on my first taste I thought it was a bit too sweet, but I think there are two reasons for this:

  1. I made it quite thick the first time.
  2. I think the flavour is milder after it’s been sat in the fridge for a while.
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Just a suggestion, why not reduce the sweetness and keep the flavour as it is?

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@Marcus - me too, I like Huel as is, so I’m unsure if it just the vocal minority that thing it’s too sweet.

The new version I’ve tried is more neutral but still pleasant without the need for extra flavour or sweetener. My logic that is it probably best to reduce it, because a user with a very sweet tooth can add more, but a user who thinks it too sweet cant take the sweetness out.

Yes adding ice or chilling in the fridge certainly does make it taste milder, the same way it does with alcoholic drinks.

@davidmccarlie good idea, but currently the flavour and sweetener come together as a “flavour system”.

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I find huel overly sweet and I have to mix with the dutch shake, to be able to drink it. It’s so sweet, in fact, that you can taste the sweetener instead of perceiving sweetness.

I really like the vanilla taste and, above all, the texture and effect of huel. But the sweetness is a major problem for me.