Flavour - Eesh!

Hi Guys,

I’ve just received my first order of Huel and after mixing up a small sample… eesh!

The flavor to me is quite a sickly level of sweet which I found quite surprising as I have a very sweet tooth, on ordering I had hopes to buy some coffee syrups to flavor the Huel however I’m concerned that adding anything which will add a further hint of sweetness wont do it any favors.

I can see that an unflavored & unsweetened version is in the pipeline which I’ll likely give a try, however I’m hoping that some of you could give me some recommendations on how I can go about flavoring this batch so I can make it somewhat bearable.

How thick did you make it?

Hi Marcus - Well on the leaflet in the box the suggestion is 3 scoops to 550ml of water, as i didn’t want to make a full batch as I just wanted to get an idea of the flavor I simply added 1 scoop to somewhere around 175ml of water.

Hmm I’ve always found it only mildly sweet, and actually I really like it, but how things taste can vary between people I guess. Adding instant coffee powder (I like Nescafe Espresso) takes the edge off the sweetness for me, maybe try that?

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@Oliver we are reducing the level of sweetness in the next few weeks.

In the meantime here are a few suggestions:

  1. Add more water, the more diluted the less flavour and sweetness should come through
  2. Add some ice / chill in fridge - wine for example always tastes less when chilled
  3. Add some coffee as @Sid_Neelson suggested
  4. Add some other flavour - there are some suggestion here: http://huel.me/pages/how-to-use-huel#flavour

I hope that helps.

For what it’s worth, I can’t get my head around how anyone would think this is too sweet. If you are about to mix things up with the flavour, please bear those of us who appreciate its current taste in mind.


@onehumanunit thank you letting me know your opinion. I have been concerned that it’s was just the vocal minority that think Huel is too sweet. We have done extensive testing and I think we now have a better balance, yes the new version will be less sweet but I’m pretty sure you will still like.

I didn’t think Huel was too sweet but now I prefer the less sweet version.

How you make it definitely makes a difference to the sweetness. I’ve been experimenting a bit. Today I have quite a diluted mixture and it taste very mild, but a few days ago I made it quite ttick and it tasted very sweet.

The unflavoured version with the choice of flavours is the best way to go I think. That way, someone could make it thick but have it only mildly sweet, but someone else could make it thin with a stronger sweetness.

@Julian You’re welcome. I am looking forward to trying the new version out. I have 7 and a half packs to go still though.

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Hi All - many thanks for all the response

Result! I’ve just whipped up a couple different samples trying coffee and cocoa and they certainly make it much more palatable, quite enjoyable in fact.

I think for me it might just be that the neutral taste with the the heavy sweetness is quite overwhelming, certainly looking forward to the new formula.