Flavour and Sweetness

I’ve been using Huel for just over 6 weeks now, at the beginning I found the sweetness to be just right, but now its getting to the point where I’m finding it far too sweet. I don’t have an after taste issue, just too sweet with each mouthful.

I was having 100g Huel with 400ml water and 100ml milk, this has changed to 80g Huel with 300ml water and 100ml milk - I have been adding various flavours such as frozen cherries, cocoa powder, peanut butter but am struggling with the overwhelming sweetness. I was thinking to split with 2.3 with U/U - will this make enough of a difference to the sweetness, or should I just go onto U/U and add my own sweetness (such as honey) with the other flavours?

The second problem is that I really liked the pre-mixed coffee Huel to begin with, it was just the right amount of coffee, more like a frappuccino than a full on coffee, but I’m finding the flavour to be just to weak so am adding in some pre-dissolved expresso (instant) to the water - again changed quantities as above. Should I stop having the coffee and go with the split and just add coffee, or is this too extreme?

I’m having 2 shakes a day - breakfast and lunch; and something nice for dinner - note, not necessarily something sensible - if I’m out for dinner then the chances are that its not a sensible dinner, however as I only eat out once a month or so then I’m not fussed!

I want to make sure that my next subscription order of 3 bags is the “right” 3 bags so that I don’t go through all this next time, or maybe people are forever tinkering with their subscriptions?

I mix (original) Vanilla 50/50 with Unflavoured and find the sweetness about right. I find I don’t need to do that with the Berry as it is much less sweet.

If you have u/u and vanilla theoretically you should be able to adjust the proportions to get exactly the level of sweetness you want. Ideally this would be 50/50 so that you use the bags equally, but it will depend on yur personal taste preference.

Before coffee huel was available lots of people would add coffee to their huel. You are totally in control of how much you add in so it needn’t be extreme.

Overall it sounds like if you’re finding vanilla way too sweet you might be best to order 1 vanilla and 2 u/u, and experimenting til you find the right sweetness level for you. As you said, you can always add your own sweetness if necessary.

As new products become available I think it’s inevitable that people will adjust their subscriptions accordingly. Personally, I love to tinker :laughing:

I think that makes sense, rather than mess about with coffee and vanilla and U/U, having done the calculations for what I currently have left, I’ll order just 1 each of vanilla and U/U next time, and then if its still too sweet can add in an extra U/U the time after that as I will need 3 bags again…

Interesting to hear your taste buds are changing, what was your diet like before Huel? I wonder if it has anything to do with reducing sugar intake?

All these things sound delicious, but in general are going to be adding sweetness. Are you not a fan of Vanilla on its own? I think going 50:50 is definitely going to help though if you want to keep in those flavour hacks!

If you want a punchier coffee flavour then go for it! If you’re finding you’re getting too much caffeine (shakes/trouble sleeping) then maybe just switch the additional to decaf!

Thanks for all the feedback! Awesome to have you on the team, hopefully you’ll find the forum super useful!

I currently have 60kg to lose, and have lost 4kg in my first 7 weeks of using Huel - using it as a replacement for 2 meals a day and then having something healthy in the evening, but I’m not going to eat in any specific way and try to follow it 100%, denial leads to some kind of binge, so I want to keep things as easy for my head as possible.

Binge = high fat, high sugar - anything sweet in the cake or biscuit form

Since I started using Huel my taste buds have definitely changed and I find it far too sweet, that’s probably because I have very little sweet food other than Huel, I don’t need to “feed the sweet” because of Huel which is a good thing.

I’ve decided to have 1 Coffee still as I do like it and can always add a little dissolved coffee powder if I want it a bit more flavoured and it isn’t as sweet as the vanilla on its own; I’m also going to go 50/50 with vanilla and U/U. I’m not keen on the vanilla taste on its own, but that might be better with it being cut with U/U and so would need some kind of flavouring - I don’t like any of the flavour boosts and I did try them all! Strong cold herbal tea makes a good base and I have lots of bags as half of my hot drinks are herbal tea.

I guess its all about experimenting and working out what’s best for me - but I’m happy with how things are going, for now I’m not counting calories, been there and done that, I’m bored of spending my life thinking what to have for the next meal - as a wife and mother (with a 26yo son), I’ve done that far too many years already!

I spend a lot of time reading the forum even if I don’t post much! :grinning:


I just had a huel so lovely I could have another one right away. Coffee huel blitzed up with a small handful of walnuts - like coffee and walnut cake swoon


Oh my word, that sounds divine!

Oh wow, that sounds like one to try!

I’m down to coffee twice a day so will give it a go for my lunchtime shake :grinning: