First experience and questions about flavours

Picked up my first box of Huel last Thursday, and gradually beginning to introduce my body to it, with the ultimate aim of losing a few stone of unneeded weight, and hopefully saving a little money too.

First experiences were actually pretty positive - I liked the vanilla flavour, although the sweetener aftertaste isn’t brilliant. I realise that they’ve moved from xylitol to sucralose for good reasons, but xlyitol is the only sugar replacement I’ve found that tastes like sugar…

I had 2 meals on Friday, none over the weekend, 1 yesterday and 2 today. I decided to try some of the flavours (so far chocolate, mocha and toffee) but I’ve not really noticed a big change in flavour. I’m using the standard 570ml water to 3 scoops Huel, but it feels like the flavour packs are getting a bit lost - am I doing something wrong?

Additionally, will probably want to try out just instant coffee in there - is 1 spoon enough, or should I go for more?