Is Huel too sweet NOW? 31/08/16

Lots of you commented on this post saying that Huel was too sweet - Is Huel just right or too sweet?

As of 18.05.16, batch #2311, we reduced the sweetness by 12.5%. We think that the remarks about the sweetness have died down, and therefore we may have hit the (not so) sweet spot.

However what do you think?

Was that V1.2?

I didn’t notice any reduction in sweetness. Sometimes I can feel a not so pleasant artificial taste but its not consistent across my bags.

I feel it has gotten a bit less sweet, but assumed I was just getting used to it.

When I first started using Huel I thought it was just right (that was before the May change of ingredients), but I have gradually cut back on the sweetened version since then to a 50/5 mix and that is about right now. I am not sure exactly if it is the sweetness or the artificial sweetener taste that has caused me to prefer the mix…I don’t like the taste of some sweeteners…aspartame is horrid and I can’t drink it.

Having said that I do mix mine with oat or almond milk (and even though they are unsweetened versions, they may add a little natural sweetness to the mi).

Yes it was, however the sweetness inclusion has not changed for v2.0 though.

I just received and mixed up my first batch of Huel. I’m finding it very sweet, but I also don’t tend to drink sweet beverages (I could probably count the number of sodas, sweetened coffees, etc. I drink in a year on my fingers), so I’m possibly biased. If this first order works well for me, I will likely switch to at least some unsweetened for future orders.

Yes but the added salt seems to be causing taste issues

I don’t find Huel sweet or salty, and can’t really notice a difference between v1.2 or 2.0, apart from the red bits !! Currently adding a few blackberries though as it turns a lovely deep purple colour :slight_smile:

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v1.2 was just fine. v1.0 was too sweet.

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What ever version I just got, my initial 100g sample, I loved it. I added a teeny bit of Stevia because I like sweet things but don’t use or eat sugar, so mine was super sweet, like ice cream. I love oats too, so the Huel flavour is scrummy to me :smiley:

I’m on v2.0 batch 2434 and the sweetness is perfect for me pallet.

Just received 8 U&U pouches (batch 2476) : thickness, saltyness and sweetness are all perfect. Thank you, guys, good job.

I am using Huel 2.0 and I find it really really sickly sweet. I have the U&U too so I mix it half and half and it is much better.

Unflavoured & unsweetened as per the cover. Batch 2476
But, I’ve mixed the same quantities, the same way. It has come out lumpy, thicker and a slightly chalky after taste.

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I actually don’t mind the chalky aftertaste at all. I think it is because I used to make my own meusli using oats right out the packet that is supposed to be cooked, porridge oats, but I was always too lazy to toast the flakes in the oven first. So for years I had ‘chalky’ oats in my meusli, LOL. So, I’m so totally used to it, I don’t even notice it. Like when I was a kid, peanut butter used to bother me because it sticks to your pallet, but I learned to live with it because I loved peanut butter.

Just got my first batch of 2.0 batch number 2476. This was only the second time I tried vanilla only as the v1.2 was way too sweet for me and I ended up mixing it 50/50 with U/U. The taste of 2.0 was very pleasent and I only found the vanilla a tad too sweet for my taste but not enough to bother. I could taste the saltines a bit and I liked it

Keep up the good work.

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I had my first V2 today batch 2484 and it was perfect.

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If you make Huel thick enough it can stick to the roof of your mouth too.


New user I find Huel so sweet I’m going to try the unflavoured natural one