Newbie, finding huel too sweet

Hi everyone
Newbie here with a few questions about the taste & texture. Received my first delivery of Huel this afternoon and have made my first one ready for tomorrow. I’ve just tasted it and was surprised how sweet it is. Also it’s quite bitty, I know it’s made of oats, so assuming the bits are from the oats. If I blended longer would they go? I did ten seconds as per book instructions then another ten after adding the second 170mls water.
Does anyone have any tips to reduce the sweetness? I’ve got vanilla and I’m assuming it’s the new version as I’ve just ordered?
TIA :slightly_smiling_face:

Ive not yet tried the new version…but with previous versions i used and still use a 50/50 mix of vanilla with unsweetened. Maybe try that. A few others do that too…