Is Huel too sweet NOW? 31/08/16

It smells more sweet than it tastes, all in all. I’ve never had issues with the sweetness of UU.

Don’t hesitate to mix both! :slight_smile:

Nice idea Raymond!

Batch 2477 of vanilla was far too sweet for my taste with a very distinct liquorice taste. I could not finish the shake with just vanilla huel. The unflavored huel however is just right and invites you to experiment by adding all kinds of stuff. Mixing the unflavored and vanilla with a 50/50 ratio is also very nice. Hope this helps


I realise I’m probably in the minority, but I agree with some people that it’s going too far in the other direction, and not sweet enough. Version 1.0 was just right for me and I’ve fond it less and less palatable as the various other versions have came out.

I think the big problem is that we, the people who don’t find it sweet enough, don’t have a way to change that. For people who find it too sweet, they at least have an option in terms of mixing it with unsweetened to find whatever balance suits them.

But short of a vanilla flavour pouch being released as was mentioned/considered a while back, we’re stuck with it as it is.

So I would certainly hope that it doesn’t get any less sweet or I’ll simply have to stop buying. And I wouldn’t complain if some of the sweetness and vanilla came back even to 1.2 levels if not 1.0, as of course the people that find that too sweet can just add a portion of unsweetened to find their preferred balance.

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So you want more vanilla sweetness to your Huel, but rather than buying the vanilla flavour drops at MyProtein, you would rather just quit Huel altogether? Really???

It is quite odd, but my taste has obviously changed, and I have adapted. I found the original v1 vanilla just right, but through various changes I now have found my preference to be a 50/50 mix of current version, although I do add (unsweetened) almond or oat milk which may add a bit more sweetness.

So you want more vanilla sweetness to your Huel, but rather than buying the vanilla flavour drops at MyProtein, you would rather just quit Huel altogether? Really???

Haha, again with the rather condescending tone lol! Yes really, my decision on whether I drink Huel or not is entirely mine, so if i decide to not drink for any reason then yes, I will!

However putting that aside, as I said on the other thread I hadn’t actually heard of the MyProtein drops, and may well look into that.


I was just surprised that your reaction was to abandon Huel, rather than consider how you could make it sweeter. But I probably could have worded that a bit nicer, so I apologize for that.

Absolutely agree. I want something that says ‘vanilla’ to taste something like ice cream or custard or milk shake, all called ‘vanilla’.

The non sweet crowd might be shouting the loudest, but sales of sweet thing over the last 100 years has prooved that if it isn’t very sweet, it simply doesn’t sell. Vanilla means sweet like ice cream or custard or milk shake. That’s why we love it. Vanilla would not sell in the shops if it wasn’t sweet. Tons of market research and double blind taste tests my dozens of big companies over 100 years or more proved that very sweet actually sells better than slightly sweet or not sweet. How many slightly sweet vanilla products can you find in any supermarket? How many not sweet vanilla products can you find in any supermarket? The experts have done the tests on the market already. Vanilla must be sweet.

Version 1.0 of Huel was much sweeter. I liked it, but I found I got tired of the taste of it much quicker than I do now. I would be struggling with it by the end of the day. 100% Huel days were really a struggle.

It is the problem with anything that has a strong flavour, you like it at first but then you easily get sick of it. The way it is now is perfect. It’s sweet enough to be pleasant to drink, but not so sweet I get sick of it. But if I want something sweeter on any particular occasion, I can add one of the flavour packs.

What they need to do is release a vanilla flavour pack for those who really like sweet vanilla flavour. Problem solved once and for all. In the meantime, MyProtein do a range of flavour bottles that are simply made from flavouring and sucralose:

Thanks Marcus. Thanks for the link. I’ll give them a go.

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Interesting thread. For me, current Vanilla Huel certainly is too sweet. I started with Huel less than a month ago, and the times I feel like having Vanilla or just plain sweet, I have to mix 1 part Vanilla with 2 parts Unflavoured - if not, it gets too sweet in a kinda sickening way. Funny, since I was feeling uneasy when ordering the Unflavoured, given Huel’s warning about some people finding it “chalky”.

At the current pace, I will be ordering more Unflavoured sooner than later, but the Vanilla will last for a (maybe exceedingly) long time. Meanwhile, I’ve found that it’s rather easy and nice to sweeten Unflavoured with a spoonful of Nutella or other creams.

For some reference on my tastes, I get put off by some light or “zero” sodas because of their strange sweetness. I have seen someone mention that sucralose taste has an effect on some people - maybe that applies to me, will have to pay attention to that.

It is aspartame that to me tastes unpleasant…which is found in zero sodas. I can’t drink them…I never liked soda much anyway. I sometimes have a low carb ginger beer sweetened with sucralose and that tastes fine…but I can taste the dry aftertaste of aspartame a mile off…and it also makes me feel thirsty.

I use Huel vanilla and unsweetened in a 50/50 mix with almond or oat milk, and that just right for me.

Hello. I’ve just started and it is V2.1. I’m finding it way too sweet. What are the order details for the unsweetened version please?