Flavour boosts - ingredients question (maltodextrine?)

Guys, can you confirm correct ingredients list for flavour boosts? The website says almost all of them contain maltodextrine:

https://pl.huel.com/products/natural-flavour-boosts?variant=7334670696506 (sorry, it’s in Polish but maltodextrine = maltodekstryna, so shouln’t be a problem :wink: )

Whilst on the package I got maltodextrine is not mentioned at all… I’m confused now! I should avoid it due to high glycemic index, so I’d like to know.

It’s possible they’ve changed the ingredients(?)
I have the cacao boost here:

Definitely maltodextrin in the ingredients on mine.

I’ll tag @Tim_Huel and @JamesCollier
They may be able to answer.

Regarding the GI I wouldn’t worry too much as the tiny amount of flavour boost that you add is only about 1 or 2% of the total Huel meal so won’t affect the GI too much.

I agree though that it’s good to know what the ingredients are! And it’s certainly confusing that the ingredients on the label and the website do not match.


Okay so this is a bit confusing. The website is correct. Legally we don’t have to list maltodextrin on the product label because it makes up such a small amount, but for transparency we do this on the website. This also factors in loads of things that go over my head such as text spacing on the label.

Apologies for any confusion.

Also, there will be no effect on GI as the amount you consume of Flavour Boosts is so tiny and Huel Powder is low GI.