Xylitol and maltodextrin in Huel

Does Huel still contain xylitol and maltodextrin? I do not see them labelled on the ingredients list.

Maybe @JamesCollier can provide an answer. I do not see those ingredients listed on the label of Huel v2.2

Xylitol has been removed and the carrier of the micronutrient blend is maltodextrin. But the amounts in Huel are so low that we were advised not to add maltodextrin to the ingredients list to avoid confusing the consumer. When components of food are included in such low amounts there is not a legal obligation to put them on. We felt that this confused confusers to think we used maltodextrin as a source of carbohydrate.

Thank you for the reply. Your paragraph would have been great for the version history page. Maybe it should be added there :wink:

I had no issues with Xylitol. It was present in minuscule amounts, so not even FODMAP sensitive people would have an issue with it, but it is important to let them know it is no longer there so that some may have another look at Huel.

Similar thing with maltodextrin, it is present in minuscule amounts too, but it is better to explain the lack of maltodextrin in the ingredients page somewhere - so that it does not look as if Huel is hiding something.