Maltodextrin for carrier purposes?

The label on my unflavoured and unsweetened Huel says that it contains Maltodextrin for carrier purposes less that 0.7%?

What does this mean please? What is it for? I knew it was added to the flavouring pouches but why is it added to the unflavoured/unsweetened huel?

It is to bind the vitamin and mineral blend together. Like how it binds the flavour in the flavour pouches, it is used to bind the vitamins and minerals so they’re not lost I believe.

Has the unflavoured/unsweetened version of Huel always had Maltodextrin? I may be wrong but I’m sure it never used to.

I’ve only noticed this myself recently. I do not remember seeing maltodextrin on the unflavoured label before. Has it been recently added? I know it’s just a small amount but if you drink a lot of huel it builds up and can have a negative effect on the stomach.

It’s in the sweetened version too.

Yes as far as I know it has always been in the sweetened version but I don’t remember it being in the unsweetened/unflavoured version until recently. I’m really not a fan of maltodextrin so I think I may have to knock this huel malarkey on the head. It is basically an unnecessary sugar. So I understand why it might be needed in the sweetened version but not in the unsweetened one.