Free from heavy metals etc?

I just wanted to ask this to be sure as I have had heavy metal toxicity in the past. Is Huel guaranteed free from heavy metals and other contaminants? I know its not organic and this would be my only concern about the product, which I love. I read recently about heavy metals in rice protein from Asia. Are the protein powders in Huel processed in such a way that takes into account these possible issues? Also would pesticide etc concentration be higher somehow because it is a concentrated food?


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They could even be using cheap rice from Fukushima, who knows?

I asked about pesticide usage previously. They were unable to comment. It wasn’t even clear if they actually knew anything or not. I assume that means yes, it’s full of ingredients that have been sprayed with different types of pesticides.


Mmmm I hope not!! I would like to know about the processing though. I guess pesticides are in lots of foods if you don’t eat organic but there are lots of other things that can get in, and depending on processing, the concentration could be increased or decreased…mmmm haha

Huel is well below limits on heavy metals; we have documentation on all our ingredients.

Pesticides - we can’t guarentee ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides.


And rice from Fukushima? :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone else sees this thread, Huel have published pesticide & heavy metals analyses here: Huel Food Safety and Quality Controls

… I attempted to summarise those documents here: