Heavy Metals in Rice Products

Whilst researching supplements and nutritionally complete food products, I read that there have been problems with some established companies legally selling products that contain potentially harmful levels of heavy metals. This is due to them sourcing rice ingredients from countries where they have fewer restrictions and testing on heavy metal content.

How safe is this product? Aside from what’s in it that’s good, what kind of tests have been done on Huel to ensure it is not toxic for long term use?


Where did you read this?

ALL our ingredients come for reputable suppliers and there are certificates of analyses on each - all conform to the strict regulation guidelines.

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I found out about it when looking at similar products.



It is a bit worrying, especially if a person consumes this as their only food source for long period of time…

Can I ask which regulations Huel has to adhere to? Is Huel considered a food product or supplement or something else?

Thanks for the links. Obviously, we can’t comment on others’ products.

The suppliers of the ingredients have to supply detailed CoAs (Certificated of Analyses) for all contaminents that there are regulations for in the EU

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That’s useful to know, @JamesCollier

I’m looking forward to results of the year long study Huel will be conducting. Will this include measuring health and how the body processes Huel, or mainly to do with if a person enjoys the experience? (other people’s short term tests seem to always be about whether they could stomach a liquid diet for a period of time, rather than nutritional benefit)

We’re going to run smaller trials before too (working on these now).

We’re going to get as much out of these as we can. Health parameters, certainly, as well as assessement on enjoyment.

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Just in case anyone else sees this thread, Huel published pesticide & heavy metals analyses here: Huel Food Safety and Quality Controls

… I attempted to summarise those documents here:

Link not functional. Was curious about results.

This link?

Thanks. On my phone couldn’t open it as it was defaulting to US link, but on computer, when I set my region to UK I was able to open it.