Huel as a recovery drink

I usually use a recovery drink after a long bike ride such as Hi5 or SIS, these contain similar amounts or Protein and Carbs but has got other stuff in it to help muscle recovery. Would it be best to mix with Huel to aid recovery or have it on its own as it has electrolites etc in it. Blurb below.

About SiS REGO Rapid Recovery

SiS REGO Rapid Recovery is a complete recovery product to be consumed immediately after exercise. It contains a blend of carbohydrate (23g), protein (20g) and electrolytes with vitamins and minerals.

Rapid replenishment of your glycogen stores and the provision of protein helps you to get the most from your training and prepare you for your next session.

Benefits of SiS REGO Rapid Recovery

Carbohydrate is your body’s main fuel for moderate to high intensity exercise. During training and competition, our bodies can absorb around 60g of carbohydrate per hour, meaning that demand will outstrip the supply of energy. This shortfall is met by using your glycogen stores, which must be replenished post exercise so you are able to perform well in your next session.

SiS REGO Rapid Recovery contains soy protein, which has a complete amino acid profile to which we have added 2g of leucine to support muscle protein synthesis and rebuild. Leucine is an amino acid which is known to switch on the signalling for muscle protein synthesis, amplifying the affect.

The key ingredients in the recovery drink that Huel does not contain are the electrolytes; every vitamin and mineral is contained in Huel as well as the protein and carbohydrate, albeit not as concentrated. Instead of splashing out on a supplement like SiS, maybe it would be worth sourcing the electrolytes and adding them to your Huel meal. There are plenty of powders that offer electrolytes without the protein, carbs and VM, this may be more cost effective?

Let us know how you get along.

OK I have plenty as only recently ordered some more, I will be cycling in France on holidays so electrolytes are more important in the hot weather but have them in the water whilst riding. I’ll have a look in to your suggestion thanks.